Welcome to Silverholm Academy!

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Thread Topic: Welcome to Silverholm Academy!

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    BUMP. Puppet Master, its your turn.. :P)
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    I don't really feel like using Annie's powers anymore so she's got physics manipulation but has only unlocked kinetic energy and rule bending)

    Annie was hiding in the library. Annie was reading a book about plants, she'd read it so many times she could probably read it backwards. The spine was worn on this particular copy, Annie had had this in her possession for a long time as she would keep checking it out due to her job as a library worker. There weren't any other copies as most of the others works had been destoryed but there were other books that went over similar things that nature oriented species could read , this book meant a lot to Annie, to the point where it had become her book.
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    Charlie Philips is me btw)

    Draculaura arrived at Silverhorm Academy, she loved the atmosphere and so did Suzy her cat, "Nice place" Suzy said, "I know right? It's so magical and non-human-ish here, I feel so safe" Drac looked at her watch "C'mon Suzy were late for classes! Let's go!" Drac said to Suzy and ran into the school, went to her locker, then to her class, she hummed on her way there.
  • Darkia hurried away from her parents. They could be so embarrassing sometimes! They had insisted on taking her as far the front but she hurried to get her schedule. Today was her first day, she was slightly excited and yet terrified. It was an awful paradox. She dug into her purse and her fairy friend, who she called, "Shadow," came fluttering out. Her red eyes were crimson, signifying she was angry. She made a few clicks in fairy language, which Darkia had learned to somewhat understand. "Sorry," Darkia clicked back. "I don't think they'd let me through if they saw you," she clicked. When the office came into view, Darkia gently took the fairy and put her in her shirt pocket, signaling her to shush. The fairy stuck out a gray tongue in response.
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