Assign future jobs to GTQers.

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Thread Topic: Assign future jobs to GTQers.

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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    Mainly the Underwear model, taxi driver, and w.i.a.f.t.m salesman fit under that xD
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Alice and Ting: Successful artists, and turtle huggers.
    James: Psychologist, Professor or underwear model. xD
    Tongue: Male exotic dancer Politician. (Oh boy, them skeletons in yo closet. ;D)
    Hephy: Owner and cute neko maid of her cosplay cafe. :'D
    Hunter: Anarchist frontman and part time booty shaker.
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    Biance Senior
    What about me? :3

    Here jobs for other people:
    Ting-Artist or illustrator for mangas
    Alice-Cartoon animator

    ...That's all I can really think of now xD
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    Zane Is Here Experienced
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    Teresa22 Senior
    Travel agent. That's an odd one, but okay.

    Hailey- Therapist
    Rainicorn- I don't know you. Dog walker
    Doodle- Video game commentator
    James- Politician or a philosophy teacher
    Death- Computer repair person, taking your word for it
    Hunter- Drug dealer or gym teacher
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    Teresa22 Senior
    Ana- I could see you as a daycare runner or a teacher for younger grades
    Bianca- don't really know you. Flower arranger
    Zane- Musician or sketch artist
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    I Forgot My Name Experienced
    Erm. Uh. I'm not good with these...

    Ting: Anime creator >:3 or a comedian. xD OR A SINGER~.
    Anna: Psychiatrist.
    Ana: Huggler.
    Arisu: Manga artist or famous piano player
    All I can think of nao.
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    Teresa22 Senior
    Keri- Couples counselor
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    Sports19 Novice
    What would my job be?
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    Selena112 Senior
    Tori - Musician
    Anna - Designer
    Sunneh - Teacher
    Amanda - Soccer mom Writer
    Vegetable - The rapist
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    6 6 sick Senior
    Hunter:Not sure,probably selling band merch.
    Ting:Probably one of those people who draw out cartoons
    Carla:Those people who take photos
    James:Um..those people who debate
    Tongue:Probably the same as James
    Vege:I dunno...writer I guess?

    Sorry,I kinda sucked at this..couldn't really think.
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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    I'm either an anarchist, booty shaker, drug dealer, or gym teacher. Wow xD

    Selena - Nun
    Biance - musician
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    Selena112 Senior
    e.e I'm not Christian.
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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    Or seller of band merch xD

    Sick - best guitar player in the entire world
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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    You're still gonna be a nun though.

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