Assign future jobs to GTQers.

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Thread Topic: Assign future jobs to GTQers.

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    Hi, I'd like a job. Do I have to give a description of myself?
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    Biance Senior
    @Sky: Just give us what you're interested in :)
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    I like drawing, reading writing, (poetry mostly) clay molding, paiting, origami, a little physics, and poking things.
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    Carrotop Junior
    I feel left out.
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    dragon ember Senior
    carrotop, you are now an MMO game maker ;)
  • Likeaboss Novice
    What about me! ((:
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    Why did I get two votes for underwear model? xD
  • NeonHedgehog Newbie
    I love you, Anastasia!
  • NeonHedgehog Newbie
    Not In a lesbian way if your a girl. Which I'm pretty sure you are.
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    LetsParty Novice
    Umm okay I'm just doing random people I know on here. XP
    Carrot: Phsyciatrist (probably misspelled that lol).
    Dark: An assassin. >:D
    Max (Calypso): Hmm...high school composition teacher.
    Sage: An artist, of some sort.
    Skyler: Uh, soccer mom? XP
    Kay (Kaylin): PE teacher or swim coach.
    Jake: A doctor.
    Bianca (DeathStar): Hmm...the CEO of some technology company (or something like that).
    Demi: An explorer.
    Now what am I? :D
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    doodle Advanced
    Video Game Commentator! :P
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    LetsParty Novice
    Doodle: Who's a videeo game commentator?
  • Blaze 20 Newbie
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    it's funny, the people who put me as cartoonist are only taking into account my artistic abilities.

    And completely disregarding the fact that I'm a terribad writer. At the most, I can do despair and comedy s---s.

    And it's sad how most of everything is 'artist'. I don't possess the godly talent that I so desperately need to actually pursue a career that involves artistic skill. It's also almost like you people are just jumping on the bandwagon of "LET'S CALL TING AN ARTIST' because you can't think of anything else. That or you actually think that I can do it, somewhat unlikely.

    Nice to see the amount of people that think I'm that shallow.
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    Sage Parson Novice
    A therapist? xD I am SO not patient with people. An author, play writer and artist sounded nice though!

    @Ting, well in comic books or graphic novels (whichever you prefer) you could do the colors and inking. I mean, you are an amazing artist, which is why people said you'd be an artist.

    And I don't think your shallow. I can't pick a job for you yet, because I never actually chatted with you before. We just sort of talk on posts...

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