How would you love to look?

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Thread Topic: How would you love to look?

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    Carri04 Hot Shot

    See this chick? She played Izzy Rogers on Criminal minds, she was a trained assassin that got off on other people's pain

    i love that disturbing yet sexy vibe she gives off, like she's beautiful but you feel like she'll off you at any time.

    I'd love to be able to look like that one day xD if not, I'll go with that weird punky look that asian teenagers seem to be sporting nowadays. I likey.

    How bout you guys?
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    firegirl88 Experienced
    I would wanna look somewhat like this:

    To me she seems to give off a mysterious yet sweet vibe. Like, a quiet and shy girl, maybe some people might thinks she's even scary. But if you got to know her, a sweet girl.

    I'm just guessing all this by her look. x3 But I would like to, someday, look somewhat this way.
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    Hikaru Katsu Advanced
    Tall, pitch black hair (I ruined it), deathly pale, handsome, some what feminine face. That sort of s---.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Kinda like old school Avril.

    I always have liked how she's combined punk and girly in her style (though nowadays it's too blonde and girly for my taste. xP)

    Basically I like my hair when it's long, dressing the way I want, and not too much makeup except eye makeup. lol

    Just being myself.
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    People say I'm cute as is, but I'd want to look more like him. And I want to be taller... TT^TT
    I'm sixteen and not even five feet tall...I hate being so small, makes my parents twice as protective. Especially with other people unless they've met them. I love them, but I just wish I were bigger and had Sakura's looks.
  • http://
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    tomboykaitie Hot Shot
    One of the following girls. They are plenty more women I wouldn't mind switching bodies with, but this is what I could find as quickly as possible, since I have to leave soon. Not my ultimate choice but this looks about right;

    I've fallen in love with short haired gals. They just appear so much more confident and friendly. And where I'm at, you don't see very many girls with shorter cuts, so it's unique.
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    Like this badass woman:

    Oh, come on, you saw this coming from light year away.
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    Carrotop Novice
    I want to look tough but also girlish.
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    6 6 sick Senior
    More manly XP

    Meh,I look like a lady,I kinda like it but only cause I'd look REALLY awful without the long hair and guyliner.
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    skatterbrain Experienced

    honstly.. i want to look like this guy.. i know him alot.. he maybe a dork and not alot to look at.. and probabaly should try to have softer skin.. but he wants nothing else then to be liked for who he is.. and not what he looks like.. and dosnet want to be compared to someone wearing 2 inches of make-up and plastiscs.. this may see like a rant.. but its not.. all im saying.. is not spend so muc time comparing yourself to others and spend more time liking the way you look.. like i sayed.. just saying
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    Kish Hot Shot
    Never really thought about it but I like who I am right now :)
    though I may not be famous or dead hot
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    Kierra_LOVE Experienced
    for my dark side

    but mostly like this

    i might be close to her if i had the same Make-up
  • thisismyquiz Junior
    I like how I look. I'd just like to be taller.
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    RoadToHell Novice
    http:/ /
    Like this.

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