GTQ users you miss

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Thread Topic: GTQ users you miss

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    The Victor Experienced
    Paige -- I miss her the most of them all tbh

    Adam -- All right, I know no one else liked him but he was always decently nice to me.

    Ollie -- My namesake <3

    Cody -- I miss you and all your quirkiness, man.

    Puppet/Lyle -- The only other fellow Dragonite I had :(

    Jozy -- I miss her soooo much too

    Kaden -- We weren't super close but I still miss them

    Le1F -- Yes, he was annoying but tbh I wish the guy could come back. Brought a little spice into this God-forsaken place.

    Alek -- He actually came back a little bit though :)

    Wendy -- Sweet girl

    Nelly -- She was pretty darn hilarious.

    Eli -- He only came on a couple times but he was a pretty nice guy.

    Care -- She actually cared (no pun intended) about me and listened to all my stupid newbie rants. Miss you, Lexy <3

    Cax -- Funny guy, I just remember he was obsessed with penguins lol

    Sade -- We talked quite a bit.

    Jeeshan -- Overall a very cool person

    Liz -- One of the few older users who was not repulsed by my newbness

    Hjccstrid -- I miss my double okay?

    Dark -- Everyone misses her though. She was just about the coolest mod ever. Dealt with spam and trolls like a boss, yet she talked to me like she wasn't at all superior or anything.

    Sorry if this is repulsive or anything but I just thought it would be a good idea to remember with fondness the people who have left or are not on as much instead of just pouting that the Lounge is dead.
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    1714 Hot Shot
    and me ;)
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    where did he go?
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    DreamOfNight Advanced
    I miss Cody (though he pops up sometimes), Lyle, Le1F (big time), Sade, and I mISS YOUUU
    Wait where did Dark go..
    And I miss myself being here.
  • Lyle

    Dream/ddreamsly/mumsly (haven't talked with you in a while)



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    Annicetta Advanced
    Charlie Phillips
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    Wow. :P

    I miss most of the users. It would be dishonest if I forget anyone.
    But I miss these guys the most:
    hunter girl,
    Cassidy (f---in' miss her *sob sob*)
    sade, etc.

    I miss each and everyone who were in GTQ in 2015.
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    absol heart
    Puppet master12/Lyle

    I miss you guys.
  • IVXX Newbie
    I used to hate geek but dude was funny as hell
    unloving was cool too
    There's a lot of others but I can't really remember
    2013-2014 GTQ was f---ing cash
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    meep da first Senior
    <3 💋

    I rlly miss Gom/Alex. I even had a stupid crush on the kid back when I was 13. I still follow his insta, but I'm not sure if he runs it still.
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    My serious list

    Everyone. Basically everyone.
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    TheLoveOfBands Hot Shot
    Saratheamaze because my dude i care about ur life fam cleo and dilly i still contact u on email when i have internet but yeah definitely miss having your company around Misty bc i still feel guilty and tbh shes1 still a mystery 2 me unloving bc her life was a s--- show 2 and magical nonsense (back when that account belonged to Jolie) bc i lost your email and now we dont talk aaaahhh rip me
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Sage Parson

    and all my old role play partners whos names i cant remember due to a medical condition I retracted
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    Kalafina Senior
    I miss everyone tbh. I miss the trouble makers, the neutral people, the random people, and the really friendly people.

    I also miss how naive and open I was.
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert
    jill, anri, bob, heph, rain, weaux, nuna, geek, omega_wolf, animephan (even though we fought a lot i'd love to talk to her now and see how she's doing), appayipyip, timmothy4444, keturah, so many people i can't remember right now. it's been almost 6 years lol, i miss all those good times and all those good people

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