Post for an Anonymous to be honest.

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Thread Topic: Post for an Anonymous to be honest.

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    ICEE CHILL Advanced
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    Kish Expert
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    Icee Chill
    You can be very err..rape oriented . But it is okay.
    Online. Your typically very nice.
    Keep your head up icee.

    From what I can see your pretty nice.honest.and somewhat weird.

    Both of you are really chill though and I see people like talking to you.
    Don't change either of you.
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    kitty1802 Advanced
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    I don't know much about you. I seen your username around in old threads.
    You seem nice and you are going though a hard time right now. I'm sorry to hear that. Remember:She is lucky Because your letting her even see you. Find someone better. I wish you the best of luck, Kitty1802.

    By The Way Loving The Username .
  • Kirby_ Newbie
    (although you probably don't know/and/or can't remember who I was/am)
  • IHLAOY Newbie
    It's fine, I already know how you feel about me. And that's alright, it's natural to be intimidated by my rugged good looks and natural charisma, but that doesn't mean we can't grow to be mutual acquaintances.
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    barberbob2 Senior
    I'm honestly curious.
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    doodle Advanced
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    Kish Expert
    Weird? Now I have been called many things but never weird XP
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    Yeah you are correct. But from what I can see you are a cool and. Chill person. Somewhat popular around here.

    I really haven't seen you post. But from that post I got a slight sence of vanity.
    Return here when I see you post more.

    I was looking forward to this one. You are an awesome person from what I can see. You are intelligent.(all though you did state once that your "Common Sense" is offen mistaken for intelligence). Either way I still think your intelligent. You are friendly and are at least acquaintances with most people on go to quiz. It's understood there's some users you do dislike. That is VERY understandable. I also see your one for friendly debates. Your a good friend. And a good boyfriend to Carri04.

    Keep up the good work people.

    From what I can see you are pretty friendly depending on the person. I don't really know much about you except your gender and a dislike towards certain users.
    Again. Understandable. Have fun in India. Be sure to take photos!

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    Kish- I could of also said "Typical".
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    DaughterOfApollo Hot Shot
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    ange Experienced

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