Is Building "the Wall" a Good Idea?

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Thread Topic: Is Building "the Wall" a Good Idea?

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    Dulcinea Novice
    My dad and uncle had a very interesting debate as to whether or not a wall separating our border would actually help.
    At first the idea of having a wall made sense to me: too many people were/are coming over illegally and a barrier would stop the problem.
    Or will it?
    How hard would it be to get over/under/around a wall? What would happen if/when they did?
    A good analogy would be having locks on our doors, right?
    We put locks to make it difficult to come in. But it is still possible. Really it would only keep the honest people out, while the real problem (thieves and killers) would still find a way in.
    But if that's the case, why would we bother putting locks on our doors?
    Because it acts as a deterrent. And if nothing else gives you a chance to react. When you hear someone breaking into your house, you have a lot better chance than if you just left the door open.
    And not everyone has the equipment available. While perhaps all you need to get over a 20 foot wall is a 22 foot ladder, how many poor people are going to be dragging ladders with them?
    Then again, you only need one ladder to get a hundred people across.
    But it would still be easier to focus on one concentrated area than a hundred scattering across randomly.
    But what about the issue of cost? Over 5 billion dollars or whatever....could it be used on something better?
    What do you guys think? Is the Wall a good idea? Would it actually help? Or is it just a waste of time and resources?
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    d_h Senior
    Building a wall is not a political issue, or at least it shouldn't be. It's not Trump that wants it. It's the people who work as border security who said they want it. Right now, immigrants are illegally crossing into the United States, because all we have is a simple fence to separate the Mexico and us border. Illegal immigrants are literally digging underneath this fence and cutting holes into this fence and even climbing over it. A wall would stop a majority of the illegal immigrants from coming into the United States, of course it wouldn't stop all but the funding money is not just for the wall the money is to secure the borders deportation efforts and building the wall. Me personally, I'm extremely moderate whenever it comes to politics. Although the wall is haunted by border security, it shouldn't matter what Democrats or Republicans think and it shouldn't be a political issue what the border has now makes the job for the border security a lot harder because it is their job to make sure the legal people come in and the illegal people stay out. To answer your question, building a wall is a good idea because it's certainly better than what we have now.
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    d_h Senior
    Wanted not haunted
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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    I’m honesty worried that one day that wall will backfire against everyone in the U.S.
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    i think that the wall is a good idea. remember that it's not just a wall sitting in the desert waiting for people to climb it. there's gonna be plenty of cameras and patrols.
  • ohmehlord Novice
    I believe that the wall isn't a good idea. I know most of these posts are in support of it but I thought I'd just share my stand on the topic.
    The wall yes, would keep out immigrants but first of all it is EXTREMELY expensive. Plus, this isn't just about the wall, its also building a stereotypical racial wall in America's head. He wants us to believe that this wall we separate us from bad people, which isn't true. He wanted to make Mexico pay for a wall they didn't even want. He talks complete $%#& about Mexico and gets away with it. Please, lets not build this wall. Oh and by the way, this is just my stance, please don't take offense.
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
    So basically orange man bad
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    Aoki Advanced
    does a wall seem like a good idea?: kinda sorta
    is it gonna work?: i don’t think so

    Although I understand and vaguely agree with the reasoning behind it, I don’t think building a wall would do anything to solve the problem. China did the same thing with the great wall and look at how that turned out-
    Plus the funding behind it is way too much and there are so many ignorant americans aka the one who raised millions of dollars for ladders for mexicans plus if someone has a strong will to enter america, they’ll find a way to do so. so it’s going to be a lose lose situation no matter how we look st it

    so i don’t see the point in bothering with it
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    Faceless Knight Advanced
    the wall would stop the problem but i think it would be a massive help. we would have a physical barrier that would at least slow people down long enough for us to get border control agents to arrest them. great wall isn't really comparable in my opinion.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    look, there are more than one factor that goes into this situation. you cant just paint a romantic or quasi-helpful personal opinion of a picture that has no well rounded basis.

    this is a public forum on quiz site so i guess this doesnt apply

    ah well, i guess ill leave

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