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  • Aoki's shout outs...
    [published: Feb 06, 2016]

    I was lost now I'm found, I'm sustained by the sound, Of the angels singing me to sleep, While my……

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  • Sade's thread
    "omg! when did you come back???"
  • Sade's thread
    "my hand is getting worse"
  • Sade's thread
    "omg i have a report to do on a book i never f---in read and on top of that, my thumb is sprained so i can’t even type properly"
  • I have a confession
    ":( what’s an air conditioner"
  • What
    "what the hell"
  • Sade's thread
    "i really like ada i wanna make a spin off of her"
  • Sade's thread
    "ok done with kitchen so ima just clean the living room take a shower relax a lil then finish changing my r"
  • Sade's thread
    "i don’t have any tape D:"
  • Sade's thread
    "\(._.)/ my nail split"
  • Sade's thread
    "unreasonable. always screaming over nothing."
  • Sade's thread
    "i’m so mad at minsung for getting me obsessed with spirit animal"
  • Sade's thread
    "idk why but when i daydream, i unconsciously begin saying it out loud and start talking to myself and don’t realize it i wonde"
  • "that lets you talk to foreigners? for language learning purposes- i’m trying to learn a new language, and the easiest way for me to d"
  • "omg poppy seed dressing look nasty as s---"
  • "smfh i don’t want to be awake right now"

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