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Thread Topic: Soooo....

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    Magie Magic Senior
    Patients in the American Hospital
    Treat or don't Treat?

    Murderers: Treat
    Bank accountant: Treat
    Jew: Treat
    Muslim: Treat
    Rapist: Treat
    Police officer: Treat
    Nun: Treat
    Black: Treat
    White: Treat
    Basically any person no matter of race, religion, career, criminal history, skin colour, gender, or culture: TREAT


    Anyone who is Gay, trans, etc?

    American Doctor (apparently): No! That's against my religion! I should not have to treat someone who does not fit my moral standards.

    Me: So the criminals you HAVE to treat, no matter what crime they have done, fit your moral standards more than LGBTQ?

    Does this make sense? Because apparently this is the next issue going on according to Facebook. It is AMAZING what kind of stunts humanity can pull off when they set their... (Uh... Sure, let's say minds.) to it.
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    No. It simply does not make sense. Nothing we sane people can do about it.
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    d_h Senior
    Were did you get this info?
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    Magie Magic Senior
    I've been hearing rumours on Facebook that Trump is trying to let doctors deny treatment to people who are transgender or gay. They are probably false, but if they are true, that would be my response.
  • Deadlock Novice
    I like to assume rumors are false rather than true, but your completely right, that would be very ignorant.
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    Stardust1 Experienced
    I thought the laws were mostly directed towards allowing doctors to refuse to do abortion and transgender surgery. I can understand the abortion one though...I would hate to be forced to have to help mothers go through with abortion. I mean if I were the doctor I'd probably refuse law or no law. So I can kind of see that...
    And transgender. I know there are pretty high statistics that for patients who try to fix themselves end up committing suicide afterward. So, I don't know what you saw magie but there might be a whole lot of different reasons behind it.
    But in general LGBT+ patients should get normal medical treatment like any other person.

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