What do yall act like irl?

Thread Topic: What do yall act like irl?

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    ChameleonLeap Experienced
    Just wondering, because there’s a whole other side to me irl that no one probably sees here.
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    I probably seem like more of an extrovert/ambivert online, but irl I'm really shy and an Introvert. I feel that I'm more comfortable online than in-person, when you only know the good side of people.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    Well for one thing heres the similarities:
    -Talks about music, politics, philosophy more than any other topic
    -Is many times rude and full of myself but usually I dont mean it.. Its usually about the “stupid world system” and the effed up society
    -Emoji “rock on” sign is something I do irl

    Here things no one knows unless i tell them about it:
    -Listens more than talks
    -Has problems with eye contact with new peeps, well thats normal I guess, but this next thing is not rlly normal
    -Stutters when nervous (usually block stutter but sometimes the repeat stutter when its really bad) so it makes me, obviously, talk less than I want to sometimes

    There u have it!
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    Idk, I think online I'm more sweet (???) and sometimes shy, but as I get to know you I'm more goofy and extroverted?

    Irl I'm not that different, although about a year ago I was totally different.

    I used to be loud, extremely talkitive, stupid and extroverted (and actually kinda aggressive tbh),
    but now I'm really quiet and calm unless I'm really comfortable with your company, then I'm back to being loud and goofy. Just not as loud and no longer aggressive. I hate interrupting people when they talk and I stutter a lot (usually a repeat stutter, like "I-i-i-i-i-i want to go home.")

    So yeah I've changed a lot, but online my personality varies depending on my mood and how comfortable I am with you

    It kinda makes me sad that I used to be confident and didn't stutter
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    I feel that ^

    My stutter is usually like this “It’s g- (block)”
    Sometimes its like this “It’s g-It’s It’s g- g- It’s good”
    When my brain has a full on seizure “I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-its good”
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    I do that sometimes to. I'll start, then mess up and start again, but then mess something else up and completely start over again, then mess up again but just keep going. I think I also have a block, because I'll start like "I already did- (block) that today."
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    Spoon Advanced
    very twitchy, very anxious, but for the most part chill. my stutter is kind of there, i can definitely trip on words or fast sentences
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    Eggaly Junior
    I'm much less bold irl and much more shy, I also act way akwarder
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    axelbeans Novice
    i am VERY quiet irl and i’m actually quite shy. everyone says i’m intimidating IRL too and like,, i’m only soft around my very best friend lol.
    them loud ass thoughts i have in my thread? you gotta be like an extremely close friend to hear that, and even then it’s a maybe LOL
    you guys get me in a really raw form so you’re automatically a cool kid 🖤
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    ChameleonLeap Experienced
    I act pretty much the same irl as I do online

    I’m a little louder irl, because it’s kinda hard to get ppl to hear you when so many ppl are talking
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    Keyboard Junior
    My personality depends on who I’m with. Like examples:

    Crush- really shy but also really energetic, stutters a lot and has trouble talking
    Friends/family- is really extroverted with a lot of energy, unless it’s my mom and dad. They scare me.
    Random strangers (kids)- really social, energetic
    Random strangers (teens)- depends on who I’m with, more likely to talk with people I relate to more
    Random strangers (adults)- chill and relaxed, most likely to make the first move and say hi.

    I don’t know what this is, but it’s true.
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    I sing a lot more irl than on here...
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    crystxlss Novice
    twitching a bit, stimming a lot. but I try to be happier irl but either way I’m the same a so am on here
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    zilla Advanced
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Irl I have to build up a LOT of courage to talk to new peeps, lol. I'm pretty much the same as here, except for the fact that I sing more, talk loudly, and act like an absolute memelord irl.

    This site has made more positive, so I really like that!

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