What do yall act like irl?

Thread Topic: What do yall act like irl?

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    Online I definitely just vent a lot more and keep to myself. I sort of dislike texting so I suppose chatting with someone the same way everytime gets a little tedious for me. Emojis, trying to type emotions, etc etc.

    In real life I'm kind of an extroverted introvert. I do like to be around people and I joke around and play games. I am more initially shy but I don't have a problem talking to people (but I'm less likely to initiate a conversation). I'm also a bit of a nerd so irl I like to talk about fandoms, movies, music, and all that jazz. In real life I'm kind of someone who reacts more than acts. I'm always trying to understand the other person and react in a way where we'll get along. I'm more of a listener.
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    I seem like an extrovert and optimistic online, but in real life I'm a shy introvert, I only socialize with my family, I'm rather broody, if that's a word, I often stare off thinking of the past, I'm actually known as 'kind', but I'm not very sure. I often lash out at my older siblings since they never leave me alone, I often isolate myself a lot, and I'm actually the most mature child in the household. Even with an 18-year old in the house, I still am the highest, apparently. So, it's kind of complicated? I'm not very sure! :P
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    Myself but perhaps a little less dark

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