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    dannylover321 Senior
    And I f---ing hate him right now. I love him but I hate him for doing this. How the f--- you gonna tell her that you didn't know what you where doing. Man.
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    Cutie_Shy Novice
    Dear Future Self,
    I am 14 but you are 15 so 2017 starts off crappy but that's ok because 2016 was still crappy but still you are from 2018 so if you are still in this site please read this I know you might forget you typed this like a year ago! So hope 2018 is not full of of bullcrap and yes you always swear a lot but only the low swears! You might forget your friends so I will list them!
    Dark Shadow
    Charlie Philips
    Madelyn (GTQ Sis)
    And more that I freaking forgot!
    So hope you still love them I know you are asking why you have a GTQ Sis? Well let me tell you Madelyn is a fun person to hang out she has this colorful personality that will brighten your day so please still love her XD
    Charlie is a smart girl and she is really fun to hang out with and don't forget she like Korean
    The other users we haven't talk much but am sure Future Me you will make more friends and pass it to the next Future Me XD
    I hope you will not change Future Me because this you is the best you I know change is inevitable so try your best on 2018 to make more quizzes and hope that you will be Junior soon! Well I think that's all you need to know heading to 2018 but just remember don't forget this moment when you started at GTQ and the moment you make friends just read this so you can remember all the crappy things happened!
    -You From The Past (2017)
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    Don't look like this for the rest of your life m8. This is 16 yo you.

    You're a Senior in high school, 17 years old, and on track for graduation.

    You better have not f---ed it up m8.

    Your favorite bands:
    1. Pierce the veil
    2. Three days grace
    3. My chemical romance

    That's it m8.
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    sademogirl Senior
    Oh, and Kk, if you still have a crush on Turtle, then kill yourself. That's what? Three years now. You can't be worrying about that. You need to be happy and stop dwelling on the past.
    Plus, everything will turn out terrible.

    Kalyn - If you're friends with Kalyn, then please stop. She stole your favourite pen.
    Reggie- Does he still go to your school? He hasn't been there in so long.
    Hannah- Stop being friends with her.
    You keep having all these dreams, Kay, but when will you start following them?
    Also// How many songs do you have in your Melanie Martinez playlist??

    You need to practice volleyball lls
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    Cloned Experienced
    -Me: Never forget your lazy...
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    Dear future self,

    If the year gets tough, stay you. The family might fight, that's why it's up to you to stop them. Always remember your GTQ sis's, Cutie and Jay now. And your dad, d_h, your grandma's and grandpa, Rvelez, Jelly, and Happypuppy. Never forget your other friends to. Keep pursuing your dreams of becoming a singer and actor. Advice, don't get a GTQ boyfriend. To much drama. I hope the year went well, and good-bye!
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    Fake Geek Experienced
    this thread is fake and gay
  • Le1F Experienced
    and stupide
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    Jayfeather310 Experienced
    Tell me what happens with you know who. #Theoldgeorge
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    Nialler34 Senior
    hopefully you aren't reading this, me from 2018
    but aye, we survived another year and I hope you've finished all your college applications and you're ready for graduation in a few months.
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    Cloned Experienced
    ...Why is this pinned again
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    Dust Of Heart Advanced
    Kjre fremtidige selv,

    Hvis du leser dette, bare stoppe. Hvorfor er du slse din allerede bortkastet tid?
    Nei, ikke krangle med meg, er du ganske frekk en er du ikke? Hmm ja.
    N. Som jeg sa ...
    Du enten leser dette fordi du har mislyktes totalt i livet og ikke har noe bedre gjre enn lese kopiere lime s ---, eller kanskje det er bare det at du er fortsatt i live etter denne smertefulle tiden vi ikke har sett hverandre til. (Hmm jeg tviler 362 dager er s mye av en stor avtale. Gasp. Herregud. Harmageddon. Verden kommer til ende !!!!!!!!)
    Faktisk, jeg ville ikke tankene hvis verden er avsluttet. Hei, kan du fortelle meg om theworld hasended enna?
    A vente, du ville ikke engang vet jeg slaved over tastaturet mitt skriver du dette om verden er avsluttet.
    Farvel sot gate for fremtiden ...
    (No offense, men ja du sannsynligvis ikke vil vre svrt gtefull. refrykt beklager a sprenge dine boble, elskling.

    Hilsen skammelig,
    Personen fra 2017 du har sikkert glemt.
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    BooBear83 Novice
    dear melonie
    get rid of the dab
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    Mine feels so pitiful compared to everyone else's.
    Also -dab-
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    You can add more if you want. I'll be closing it tomorrow.

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