Avril Lavigne vs. Taylor Swift

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Thread Topic: Avril Lavigne vs. Taylor Swift

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    Anastasia Novice
    Avril Lavigne

    But I do like them both.
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    Avirl Lavigne
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    im dont really like theses artist but i say avril.
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    I like music Novice
    Avril Lavigne.
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    AngelofDeath Newbie
    I like Taylor,but I'd say Avril.She's friggin' awesome.
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    Biance Novice
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    floss Novice
    type in this quiz: "take this test coz it's cool!"

    both for the question
  • jrs Newbie
    taylor swift
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    sisi959162 Newbie
    i haven't heard avril lavigne sing, but i heard she's really good, but I like Taylor Swift's singing, and her songs relate to me so I'll have to go with Swift
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    LittleLadyKim Newbie

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