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Thread Topic: Poem

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    cutiepie_24 Novice
    thx im srry for treating you like crap earlier
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    i forgive you
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    vampgirl14 Novice
    o wow ok soooooo hi ppl
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    Skaterchic Newbie
    Rainbows are colorful,
    No color is pitaful.
    A new born first sight,
    Would be some light.
    She has never been seen,
    Wearing some green.
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    Kirsteen111 Novice
    That's pretty good. I don't write poems but one time I got one published into a book
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    Skaterchic Newbie
    thnx Kirsteen.
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    I like music Novice
    That was a nice poem, Skaterchic.
    I'll write another one of my crappy poems nobody likes!

    Uh, about what though... Hmmm, oh I know!

    I hate school it's boring and crappy
    Nothing to say and nothing to do
    The teacher's don't make education fun
    Trust me, I'm not the only one
    My friends would rather stay at home
    So do I, I'd rather be alone!

    He he he he... again, a little dodgy but it's not that bad.
    Well, I don't know but I think it's OK.
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    Skaterchic Newbie
    i don't hate ur poems I Like Music! i think their great!
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    I like music Novice
    Really???? Thanks, Kelly! You're really nice! That's why I like you so much! You're my best friend on this site!!
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    Skaterchic Newbie
    You're also nice Roady! I like your poems,your songs,I like evreything about you! your a great friend!
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    Anastasia Novice
    Shattering but still held together
    Breathing yet suffocating
    Someone get me out of here
    Chased all night by my own fears

    Deadly and a bit addictive
    The fairytale was just a myth
    Someone save my life
    I've never knew I would die

    Might as well be bleeding
    Freedom is what I'm needing
    Somebody call 911
    I think that man has a gun...

    Silence is not broken
    Until your words are spoken
    Nobody knows where I am
    Though I doubt they give a damn

    I want to survive
    I want to live my life
    I want to escape
    I want to unlock the gate
    I want to wake up
    I want to fall in love
    I want to forget this nightmare
    I want to live without terror
    I will get myself out of here
    Stand against irrational fears
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    I like music Novice
    Thanks Skaterchic! Let's stay best Vampire internet buds!

    And that was a really nice poem Ana, I really like it, the lines are quite clever, better than what I can do.
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    Anastasia Novice
    Thanks Roady Your a good writer too
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    I like music Novice
    Thanks very much, maybe I'll write another one about the friends in my life:

    Friends are with you
    Right from the start
    They always know what to do
    And no matter where they are in the world...
    They leave paw prints in your heart


    Here are some quotes I like about friends:

    One can do withought people, but one is in need of a Friend

    What is a friend? A singe soul dwelling in two bodies.

    Withought friends, the world is but a wilderness
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    Skaterchic Newbie
    Thats nice Roady.Here's a poem I wrote when I was in 4th grade.

    [i]Angels are with God and Jesus
    In our world but,up in heaven
    They can talk real soft at midnight...
    And give you a better life with everyone

    I wrote that when I was in church. Our assiment was to write a poem about God,angels,and Jesus.

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