Best fast food place?

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Thread Topic: Best fast food place?

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    Stardust1 Advanced
    Personally I'd say chick fil a is the best, though sadly you can't find that in every state :(
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    Hickssky Advanced
    Yeah we dont have a Chick Fil A, but i love Arbys
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    I think it's only in Texas, but I think Raising Cane's is the best.
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    Burger King

    I don't like Raising Cane's very much or Chick Fil A but I'm not a chicken fan
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Chick Fil A is pretty good (especially the Tim Hawkins song :P), but I would probably get tired of it if I ate it too often.

    Panera Bread isn't exactly fast food, but it's pretty good though rather expensive.

    And yes, I grew up with Arby's and still love it :)
  • Princess X Newbie
    Nandos all the way for me!!!
    who doesn't LOVE CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Weirdhead Novice
    My fav is probably Chick-fil-a or Wendy's. Or-- people will hate me for this-- Sonic.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    I recently tried pasta and a sandwich from Domino's. T'was good.

    I'm not too picky, actually, but I try not to eat much fast food.
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    Wendy's is my favorite, although it was one of the worst jobs I've ever had.

    Chick-fil-A can come fight me any day, since they're anti-gay. I wouldn't eat there if I was starving and they were offering it for free.
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    Sniperlazy Junior
    We have a good local fish n chips joint not a chain company just a private owned fish joint

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