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Thread Topic: Thanks gtq guy

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    ello Advanced
    Honestly, most all of us take it for granted. But, this site is really safe, and I can make a quiz, take a quiz, make or take a poll, even enjoy the forums. All without fear of someone trying to meet all the money I have (even though it's like 20 cents from PlayStation), and all at school. I can freely browse the site at school, which helps a ton, because that's my only computer access
  • Crack Fien Newbie
    GTQ guy is a b---- ass nigga.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Pffft ignore the guy above, Ello, I dunno what his deal is.
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    barberbob2 Senior
    "GTQ guy is a *badass nigga."

    Fixed your post. Not sure why it censored you.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced

    i believe Fien intended to type the cuss word that means a female dog.

    then again, i dont know why it would be censored either. its not as bad as the F word.
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    Boss, he knew that.
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    GTQ Guy Advanced
    Thanks for the appreciation, ello! I do try to keep the site safe and appropriate for all users and settings.

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