Most people on here dont even know what love is...

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Thread Topic: Most people on here dont even know what love is...

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    I Forgot My Name Experienced
    I'm serious. I'm seeing couples, like, 5 days or a week old and they're saying, "I love you so much baby blah blah blah..." when really, they don't even know what the hell love is. It's freaking driving me crazy, making me want to strangle something. Yes, I used to be like this, but I seriously knew I meant it when I got with Ben. And people said we wouldn't work out. Well, guess what? In 18 days we'll be together for 6 months.

    But seriously, people, if you don't really mean the truth when you say 'I love you', knock it off. Seriously.
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    Carrotop Novice
    I love my GTQ crush wiff all my heart. Even if he doesn't love me back.
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    Teresa22 Advanced
    I'm single and I know what love is. I always have and I've always tried to tell others this.
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    6 6 sick Senior
    Kids will be kids.
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    Selena112 Senior
    Trust me, I know the meaning of love very well.
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    Phoenix Night Experienced
    The three words 'I love you' have kind of lost their meaning. Unless you are a person who says it rarely.
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    While I may dish out the word "love" to many people, when I say it to someone, I truly mean it. I know very well what love is, and have truly only loved (in that way) two people.
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    Home gurl Novice
    I know what love is. I didn't know what it was untill i met the person I'm with right now. In about 7 days we will have 5 months together :)
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    Hunterizcool Junior
    Lol. not to be an ass, but you only knew ben for a month
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    Teresa22 Advanced
    My whore friend started saying, "I love you" to her boyfriend after about four seconds. e.e it was so stupid and then she just rubbed itin everyone's faces.
  • lovebunny12 Newbie
    i think love comes in different forms love isnt about the time love is about what u do with the time .i argee with 7 days isnt alot but what if you knew the person for 5 years before what if u almost dead and that person came next to you if love is love it never judge it never fight love is real one thing in thing in this we cant control so not judge people for feeling that way because it can be you the next in love with someone you only one time
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    ShUdduP Novice
    I dont rlly understand love
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    LeahM Experienced
    It's almost like a secret. Only few know, experience and appreciate the meaning and beauty of it.

    That's partly the beauty.
  • True love is like a ghost. Something everyone knows about, but few have seen.

    Sorry, but I don't call who said that. It's beautiful though. I hope to see it in my lifetime. c:
  • People say they fall in love, but really, they fall in crush or they fall in lust.

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