Why do people like anim SO much?

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Thread Topic: Why do people like anim SO much?

  • mollygen5 Newbie
    What's up with anim? I don't mean to offend anyone, but the people who like it like it ALOT. Can somebody just tell me what's so special about it?
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    Luna Siren Advanced
    I'm not really sure if I can pinpoint why I like it so much... I like the stories, characters, and ideas that are put into it. I also really like how unique some of the art styles are ("Hanayamata" and "Your Lie in April" are good examples of this).

    I don't know, I just really connect with anime, as cheesy as it sounds.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    It just like anything. If someone has an interest in something they tend to like it a lot. As for anime, it covers a multitude of genres so it's not that hard to find a couple things worth watching.

    Still, I only really like four, maybe five shows. I haven't been able to find something I want to watch for a while.
  • mollygen5 Newbie
    Oh. Okay
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    midnightkobra Advanced
    Yeah, "anime" covers such a wide variety of things so it's hard to not like some of them. It just depends what kind of show you like or what you're into, if you know what I mean.
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    Jade66sick Junior
    I was pretty critical of it at first, I thought of it as just Cartoon Fantasy p--- for Geeks really XD but then I actually started to watch a few shows and while some are pretty cringe worthy some are qute good, I'm a fan of the Horror Genres really-it's like any other show except its animated/japanese
  • merlinea Newbie
    What is um zat show even called? What is it adout? anime got the name but it is what?
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    absol heart Senior
    other unique art styles are like "shaman king" and "one piece".
  • Babeizpink Novice
    Lol me doesn't like animie:P I'm the same as you

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