Forever and Always (FOR JASON FANS ^-^)

Hello there people:D Ik it's been a while but those of you who are Jason fans can finally see this stranger whom you dearly love:D or youre just curious and haven't read forever and always but like to see him youre welcome:D

And Yes I am continueing Forever and Always, and also my new series secrets so keep your eye out for that and answer the questions if you wana see another pic of him!:D

Created by: 33iZZy18

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  1. So yea I got a pic of Jason for you xD He feels so blushyish right now xD nd also it took alot to make him take a pic so lucky you he loves french fries and chocolate milkshake xP
  2. If you wana see him answer the questions!!!
  3. N also I am continueing Forever and Always, and also secrets but Ive been VERY busy with this set design I have to finish and stuff for my performing arts academy xP
  4. Do a little dance ~(^.^)~
  5. Make a little love
  6. Get down tonight (v.v)/
  7. Stuff o-o
  8. ....
  9. nibfjsdfvbjkvjkn
  10. done:D

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