Forbidden love: Torn. part 3

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Hey guys, sorry this one came out really late, at first i had a writers block then i broke my collar bone which makes it hard to type since i cannot use my right hand. oh and the results are sorta wrong :D

this one is going to be mostly about Drew, but if you like somone else comment, they'll come back later ok heres the guys description: Drew: Golden blonde hair that covers right eye, blue eyes and sorta tan, Demon. Alec: Thick messy dark brown hair, hazel eyes and sun kissed, Best friend. Lorcan: Light brown messy hair (different from Alec's) soft green eyes and the perfect looking guy, A creep. xD

Created by: hazelfangsbite
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  1. You roll your eyes, hoping that he was joking, but he looked dead serious. "I can't, i'll stick out like a candle in a dark room" you reply calmly, holding yourself down from freaking out. "I'll cover you" you snort "with WHAT?" he smirked, pushing you through the mirror before saying "darkness."
  2. You cough as you go through the mirror. You glared at Drew who had just come through the mirror as well. He dusted off his jeans like there was dust on them or something. He caught you staring and flinched, looking away quickly. "So...How exactly are you going to cover me with darkness?" He got out something from his pocket... A leech. You gape at him, backing against the wall slowly "u-um what are you d-doing with that leech?" He walked over to you, holding out your pale arm. He uncertainly bites his lip before he kissed the palest part of your arm, then he place the leech on your arm. You stare at him. Shocked. "It will suck out your light- er... ness and replace it with darkness" he explains. You feel the leech bite you. You screamed, this was worser than you ever imagined, it felt as if a hundred tiny needles was digging into that small part of your skin, then at the same time it felt as though you were burning, tugging at your skin harder. Drew winced at your scream, he was trembling on the wall. You wanted to wrench that thing off you and throw it against the wall then crush it. But as soon as you thought that a stinging sensation penitraited your thoughts, it felt as if the leech was killing you, slowly draining the life force from you. You can't handle it anymore, you tumble to the ground fainting...
  3. ""DREAM"" Your sitting in your room wearing a blood red dress that had a tight waist line. Then you see Drew, landing on your balconny. "Drew" you run up to him and hug him, placing a small kiss on his cheek. He hugged you tighter, crushing you against him. "_ i told you not to call for me unless it's a emrgency" he told you sternly. You sighed, lowering your head. You heard Drew suck in his breath. He hated when you got upset, especially when the reason why you got upset was him. "I'm sorry." He mumured, letting go of you. You feel a tear run down your cheek when he let go of you, "why do we have to be put in the middle of this? I haven't seen you since two months ago..." Drew looked out of the window staring out into space "i know" he whispered quietly, leaning against the wall... ""AWAKE"" You open your eyes to see a pair of cold blue eyes staring back down at you. You realize its Drew, he was frowning at you. "What?" you snap feeling rather groggy and stiff. "Your ok?" It wasn't a statement, it was a question "yeah why?" you ask quizically. He moved away from the bed, you had been apparently sleeping on. "Where are we?" you ask, stretching. "My room" you raise an eyebrow then look around. There was nothing fancy about it, just a large room with a Flat-screen tv and a bathroom attached with black walls and a blood red carpet. "So you let me sleep in your bed?" He nodded mutely. You crawl over to the edge of the bed, while Drew watched you, oddly intruiged. You sit on the edge of the bed and unfold your wings which were now still white but instead of the tips being gold they were grey. Drew walked up to you and pulled you up, making you stand up. You felt as though your legs were gonna collasp from under you but Drew held you up right. You try to get out of his grip although your head is screaming at you to kiss him. You end up lying on the bed again but with Drew ontop of you. You seemed to have pulled him down with you. It looked like he wasn't gonna get off any time soon either. He kissed your throat, then your chin then your mouth. You kissed him back, you felt the heat coursing through you and making you grab the collar of Drew's shirt, pulling him closer to you. The way your lips colided together felt like the only way you could kiss. Drew made out with you passionately, you kissed him harder, wanting more. NEEDING more. You knew Drew wanted to do this more than anything but he also wanted to pull away, but he couldn't, he wasn't immune to the cravings for you, and him for you. You both knew that this was forbidden, but you two were pulled together like two magnets. You took off Drew's shirt to show a sexy eight-pack. Drew gets you off the bed and pushes you against the wall, just to get closer to you. You two were breathing rapidly, but you kept kissing each other fiecrely. No one could've broken you two appart, right now it was impossible. Suddenly you pushed him on the wall and traced his eight pack lightly with you finger, you trailed your finger lower and lower. Drew moaned, obviously he's never been touched that low before. (NO! not THAT far down xD) You kissed his chest which made him moan even more. You kissed him on the lips again, pushing yourself against his eight-pack. Drew moved his hand down to the bottom of your shirt (somehow you got changed into a tanktop and denium shorts, sorry about my spelling :p) His hands were slowly raising your shirt up, his other hand pressing your back. You move his hand away from your shirt...
  4. Drew shrugged slightly then went back to making out with you. You and Drew stayed like that for hours, well Drew got back ontop of you, since you guess he likes to be in control. The instense hunger for him should've gone away already since you already had him but it seems to be getting stronger, overtaking your thoughts. You finally pull away from him, it killed you to do so but you just about managed although when you walked away from him you felt the erge to run back and take off his clothes... You shook your head, NO WAY WERE YOU GONNA DO THAT! (xD oops) Drew looked like he wanted to do that to you, he seemed to be struggling a lot more than you though. Next thing you see is Drew punching the wall. He turned to you scowling "my dad sensed a new presence, and he wants to see her. You." You gasped, Drew looked at you concerned. "What am i going to wear?!" you ask almost freaking out. Drew grinned, winking at you. "I think i've got SOME clothes for you to wear." Drew lead you to another room which was connected to his, it seemed to a little girly for his taste until you realized this was "your" room. It was quite similar to his, except the carpet was a fluffy red carpet with two purple bean bags and black walls. The bed had a gold duvet, and the pillows were white, amazingly enough. Drew walked into a lush wardrobe that was the size of the room and the shelves were filled with all types of clothes... ah well what demons and demonesses would wear etc. Drew pulled out a blood red mini dress with spagetti straps. Then he pulled out a pair of red high heels. You shook your head and picked up a pair of black combat boots. "With a dress as short as that, i'm so NOT wearing high heels." You push the confused Drew out of the wardrobe and get changed. When you walk out Drew's jaw dropped. You roll your eyes, walking past him. Drew looped his arm around your waist leading you out of the bedroom and into a scary looking corridoor. "Now, i'm gonna have to tell my Father that your my girlfriend, since he know's someone else has entered his realm. He sorta gets a little over protective when someone new comes down, because well uh... he's worried that my mother would be seeing someone else" you cough, he glared at you. You blushed. "Fine but, um couldn't you just tell your "father" that um i'm your "girlfriend"?" he smirked "no, he wouldn't believe it unless we give him... uh proof" you pout. He stopped and looked at you, he held your chin gently "don't pout _" he kissed you lips softly. Why?! Why does he tempt you with his intoxicating kisses. Urghhh. You kiss him back on the cheek and walk off. Thats gonna set him off...
  5. ""FAST FORWARD"" You reach the front of two heavy black barracaded doors. Drew wrapped his arm around your waist again. "Its time to start acting" his whispered in your ear, you shivered at the way he spoke your name. You choked yet you snuggled into his chest. He kissed your forehead as he pushed the doors open. Drew walks you into the room, it was the size of a ballroom except in the middle of the room was a chair wait no. A throne, it was occupied by a handsome young man he had shaggy ashy long hair, even from here you could see the colour of his eyes, they were a normal blue, yet there was something cold and different about them, it made the hair on the back of your neck freeze. The man's eyes didn't leave you once. Drew walked you down the long red carpet. Somehow, you ended up in front of the throne in no time. Drew kissed your neck before looking up at the young man. "Hello, father." You almost gasp but you bite your lip. "Drew, who's this?" You stare at the man realizing that this was Satan. "Oh? this is my girlfriend... uh...-" "Haze" you answer quickly. Satan looked at you with pure interest. "She's such a beautiful creature, Drew. I'm impressed."
  6. You blush not expecting a compliment from Satan himself. "I know" Drew said smirking as he brushed his lips passionatly against yours. You stop your self from jumping into Drew's arms and making out with him. You look at Satan, he was studing you. "Drew what have you done to her?" Drew looked at Satan confused "what?" "you've started imprinting on her... Hmmm and she appears to have imprinted you as well." (you: twilight? me: yeah breaking dawn xD)
  7. Satan bekoned you foward mumbling something to himself. You walk closer to Satan trembling. He brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear. You could feel Drew tense from behind you. "Father, what are you talking about?" Drew asked trying not to grind his teeth. Satan gave Drew an amused smile "you've become a little protective over your little imprintee son" Drew growled quietly, clenching his fist "just answer the question" Drew snapped, Satan grinned, it made you shudder. You'd rather see Satan scowling then smiling, it just wasn't right. "Well, to imprint someone is like tecnically, a strong love bond or connection. Its practically like marrige except its more powerful... and dangerous." Drew gave him a blank look "if Haze was to for example, made love to another man while your bond was this strong it would've kill her, and her lover. And that would leave her imprinter to grieve for his imprintee for the rest of his life making him weak yet powerful. Since the imprinter's emotions would be unstable the imprinter would be uncontrolable and would probley kill everyone that gets in his way." You feel Drew's hands slither onto your hips, his breath against your neck. "But what about Haze imprinting me" he whispered softly, obviously distracted by you. You held in your breath waiting for Drew to do something, you don't know why but the news about him imprinting you made you even more attracted to him. "Ah yes well she imprinted you back which means that somehow means that she can see the future, but the only future she can see is with her and her impintee. But since you imprintd her aswell, you two would crave for each other strongly, driving them crazy if you don't be together for at least 24 hours." You felt Drew kissing your neck softly. Temptingly. Your skin tingled where Drew kissed you, you knew that he was ignoring Satan completely and instead he was focusing on only you. "Oh and there's a way to break this bond, it will be quite difficult to try but it could work." Satan directed this to you, of course! He knew that you belong to another! Although your not sure that you want to be anymore....
  8. Satan continued "-to break this bond the imprinter would have to completely break the imprintee's heart by selling their love to another, promising the other woman their love. Then the bond would be broken, and the ex imprintee would be completely depressed left to die alone. Unless of course she gets another man to fall in love with her" you look away uncomfortably from Satan's gaze. When a man appeared from nowhere kneeling, "my Lord your wife... is being.... difficult again" "how, Drake" he growled "she's terrorizing the Fates, for telling her that she's-" suddenly the man slumped to the floor, you held back a scream, backing into Drew's arms. Somehow cuts and scratches appeared on the dead man's body, black blood was ozing out of his body and onto the ground turning into a large serpant. (i'm sorry i know this is really boring but i'm kinda out of juice) Satan looked annoyed, he let out a loud sigh, "you're dismissed Drew" he muttered looking at the dead body "that was my favorite guard" he murmured clicking his fingers...
  9. All of a sudden you were out in a garden with Drew. All the plants were shrivled and black. Tall grey skinny trees just stood there limply, no leaves to hide the nakedness of the trees. The only thing that seemed alive was the roses, but they were black with the stems a dark green sort of colour. The sky was a foggy grey, with rare flashes of silver and more common demon red. There was a sun as well... except the sun was a pure black colour like an ongoing eclispe. Even with the some what dead background, the garden was actually beautiful, in its own unquic way. In the excuse-for-sunlight Drew looked absolutly dark yet stunning, in the dark sky his golden blonde hair shone, yet it made his eyes seem colder and harsher. His sexy jawline also had a extra spark of attractiveness in the sun-light and the way his face showed no expression, except for that slight amused smile he gave you when he caught you staring. You blushed fiercely pretending to stare at a black raven which had landed on the broken loveseat. "So... how do you think you imtprinted me? I mean we've only known each other for about two days..." he shrugged coldly, avoiding your gaze. He probley was embarressed by the way he kept kissing you while talking to his dad. God! One minute he's showing you all the signs the next- wait why are you thinking this? Alec! He'll be so worried, he's probley stressing about you right now! S*!t. Drew moved towards you hesitatingly, then he stroked your cheek gently, reeling you closer to him. "What have you done to me?" He whispered, kissing your ear "you've got me going crazy" he added, looking into your eyes.
  10. He cupped your face with his soft hands. He lifted your face gently meeting your lips with his. You trail a finger down his face while he's kissing you. He responds by crushing you against him. Your breathing became ragged so did Drew's but you kept going not wanting to be pulled away from Drew anytime soon. Drew pressed his hand against your back. You drape your leg around his, his other hand sqeeuzed your thigh digging his fingers into your thigh and moving up, pulling your dress up slightly aswell. Drew moaned a little as you kissed his ear then his neck. His grip on your thigh tightened, making you gasp between a kiss.
  11. "Sorry..." Drew mumbled, as he kissed your neck. You kissed his jawline, entangling your fingers in his hair. Then you two broke apart breathing heavily, you sat on the ground feeling absolutely, sick for Drew's touch. Drew was watching you on the ground, his breathing was still a little ragged. He sat down next to you, kissing your finger tips. You smile, as he pushes himself on you, kissing your bare chest (its just the NORMAL chest ok? not the dity one :p) Then he moved his lips back to your face kissing your lips with fierce passion that made you want to melt. You kissed him back with more passion, making him moaning again in deep pleasure as his hands fiddled with your dress...
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Sorry this took soo long to get out and yeah... and sorry if u didn't really like this one, soon i'll put Alec back in.... well maybe... Who do u like?

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