Forbidden love: Mirrors lie. part 1

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okay... um i'm new at this and if this comes out with one result don't blame me! i don't know which one is the multi answer quiz, i'm pretty sure its this one anyway. hope you like it and could you leave a comment about which quizz has multi answer. thankz that would really help!

um.... plz rate and comment could things and PLEASE READ THE TOP THINGY! thankz!!! :D why can't i talk in jibberish? its fun! lol anyway thanks for taking this quiz and yeah

Created by: hazelfangsbite
  1. ""Past"" You were running away from Alec who's been your best friend since birth. You could hear Alec falling far behind you, you giggle and run into a room you've never seen before, once you were inside you saw a lone mirror. The metal was pure black, the devils colour. You walked up to the mirror curious, instead of seeing your reflection, you saw a little boy who looked about your age. He had golden hair and light blue eyes, too light to be like your dark blue eyes. He was gapping at you in surprise when you saw a black shadow behind him, you gasped. Behind him was a beautiful woman, she was wearing all black and she had crimson red hair that seemed to get darker and darker every time she moved. Her eyes were fathomless black, which scared the hell out of you, you realized you were looking at the devil's wife. You scramble back away from the mirror screaming. Your mother walked in, scowling. She looked nothing like you. She had long white hair and bright green eyes, she had a pale complexion and the redest lips you've ever seen. "_, never go in there again" she said, after she took you out of the room and locked the door with a unsual looking key. "Alec!" she yelled, he arrived looking confused "go take _ back to her room" she said sharply "yes Marm" he led you to your room...
  2. ""10 years later (now your 16)"". "Hey _ wait up!" you laugh "no way you have to catch me!" you yell back, easily turning the sharp turn of the corner. Suddenly Alec leaped out of nowhere and pinned you to the ground, with him on top of you "if you wanted to get on top of me you could've asked" you tease. He grinned "now where's the fun in that?" he asked jokingly. "Get off before anyone see's us" "i don't think i'm going anywhere _" "i will hurt you if you don't" he chuckled "and how is that?" he asked mockingly, you grin. He asked for it, you kicked him in the "you know what" and shot out from underneath him, you lifted the bottom of your white dress so that it was eaiser to run. You run out to the "royal" backyard. You skip the stairs and run into the white rose garden (mum thinks red stands for evil, she's absolutly crazy. And your dad's no better)
  3. You tried to causally walk into the rose garden, just incase someone see's you. The whole kingdom already thinks that your a crazy princess. (except for Alec *wink wink*) Someone grabbed you waist from behind you and twirled you in the air "put me down!" you laugh, trying to hold your dress down. The person put you down, you spun around. It was Alec! he had a cheesy grin on his face, soo not funny! You realise that Alec hadn't let go of your waist yet, in fact he was pulling you closer to him. He's staring at you weirdly, you stare back thoughtfully. Alec had thick messy dark brown hair with hazel eyes to go with it, he was tanned and not to mention he has abs! (yes you've seen him with his shirt off, duh!) You could feel one of his hands snaking it's way down to your butt. You slap it away playfully, you were starting to feel a little uncomfortable with Alec's lips and inch away from your's. Then he said something that really shocked you, "i love you" you stared at him wide eyed but then you whispered back "i love you too."
  4. He kissed you, it was soft, sweet it was filled with a sense of longing. He started to kiss your jawline going lower and lower and lower until he was kissing your neck, you moaned lifting your head a little. His lips came back to your's where it pressed softly against yours. You pressed harder, wrapping your arms around his neck, your fingers tangled in his hair. You two were making out passionatly when your mum turned up for her daily walk in the rose garden. You two stopped imidiatly, blushing beet red, but your mum was just smiling "finally, i thought you two would never get together!" she exclaimed with relief "mother what are you talking about?" she just shook her head and left, you sighed looking up at Alec who was gazing at you with deep emotion 'at least i have someone normal in my life' you think. "So...?" Alec asked cheekily "where were we?" you rolled your eyes and smiled as his hands cupped your face, you kissed again for about an hour when he had to depart back to his family. He gave you a goodbye kiss "i'll be back tomorrow my love" once he left, you walked back into the castle. No one was to be seen, you kept on walking musing about what Alec said. "My love?" you mummered softly remembering the look in Alec's eyes as he said that. You were so lost in thought that you somehow ended up in an unknown part of the castle. You walked to a big door, you swear it was very familiar. You open the door and walk in, the room was empty except for a lone mirror, the metal was red 'i swear it was black' wait!? what are you thinking?? you're positive you've never seen the mirror before, but now your not too sure. You look into the mirror to see...
  5. You saw a guy, he had golden blonde hair that covered his right eye, he had mesmerizing light blue eyes and he was tanned, with muscles. He was cute you thought, then you blushed 'i love Alec remember?' you scolded yourself. The guy was looking at you with wide eyes "who are you?" you asked curiously to see if you could communicate "i'm Drew, and who are you may i ask?" he replied in a deep sexy voice, you stared at him shocked but you recovered your posture and managed to reply "i'm _" he looked at you with renewed intest "_" he mused "what a beautiful name" you blushed again "thank you" you breathed a little flustered, he smiled which made you feel like butterflies were in your stomach "how old are you?" "17, u?" "i'm 16, turning 17 in a month" you replied in a instant "your wearing alot of white" he obsevred "well your wearing alot of black for a being of light" you retort, he choked "i'm not a being of light, i'm the prince of darkness" he snapped. You gasped, backing away from the mirror "but your... blonde!" (no offence to blonde people) he growled "so what?! it doesn't mean anything" he snarled, obviously this was a touchy subject for him. He looked at you, fuming "let me guess" he sneered "your a light being" he stated, his eyes glowing red. You were starting to get angry your self "yeah and if you didn't happen to know, i'm the "princess" of the light beings" you snap back, Drew's eye's narrowed "light beings don't have black hair, or dark coloured eyes" he accused, you touched your hair, hurt. You could feel tears forming, it was true you were the only light being who had black hair. The villagers thought it was a curse, so they stayed well away from you, saying things behind your back or not even bothering to even care that you over heard them when they were talking about you. It was amazing your parents didn't kill you at birth, it was something to do with a white crystal escaping your mouth when you were born. Oh and don't for get the wings. Your beautiful, lush white wings. The ends looked like they were dipped in gold which made them more amazing.
  6. ""fast forward"" You ended the conversation quickly, you were angry at yourself for being so stupid. 'i mean how didn't i not know that he was a-a demon? i'm loosing it. You was too busy staring at his looks. Damn!' you think as you changed into your thin lace sleeping gown. You lay down in your bed staring up at the ceiling when you heard. A clicking sound... it was coming from your balcony "what the?" you get up and open the fragile glass doors. Suddenly you were swooped up into somebody's arms "let-go-of-me!" you scream. The person's lips pressed against your neck. You instantly relaxed as the person placed more kisses against your neck. You laugh "Alec what are you doing here?" you ask spinning around, "well i snuck out of my house to see you, and-" he stopped himself, staring at your outfit. You blush, it was true your night gown was sorta see-through, oops.
  7. He smiled, obviously planning something... (no not that! ;D) His fingers tangled themselves into the bottom of the gown, lifting it up ever so slightly to show your flawless smooth thighs. You removed his hands away from your gown gently, his arms went back around your waist. You never knew about this seductive side of him, it was... different... "why do love me?" you suddenly blurt. O'well no point taking it back now. He looked into your eyes lovingly "_, i love everything about you. The way you smile, the way you talk, the way you laugh and tease me. I love how you don't care how anyone thinks about you... mostly. Mostly i love you for being you, you never changed yourself for someone. Not even your parents, they sugested "dying" your hair" he said in digust "they didn't appreciate your beautiful, lush, black locks of hair. They wanted 'blonde'" he spat out with distaste "but they don't think your beautiful just the way you are, like i do." You gazed into his hazel eyes, you never realized that the edges were a beautiful green colour with a few splashes of black.
  8. He kisses you deeply, which makes your heart flutter slighty. Alec pulls away, watching you carefully then out of nowhere he says "do you want to go for a swim?" you look down at what your wearing and shrug "why not?" you almost choke, you sound like a "human". Alec takes your hand and brings you to the edge of the balconny, "Alec what are we doing at the edge of the balconny?!" he grinned "climbing down, love" you look at him like he's crazy, which you supose he is. He points at the vines, saying that you'll be climbing down that "what?! i'm wearing a dress! people are going to see!" his grin widdened, ooh that boy's dirty! (jks jks ;g) "you go down first" he offers "but what if i fall?" he rolled his eyes "can't you levitate or something?" you mentally slap yourself. Of course! your powers! stupid, stupid, stupid!... Alec must've caught your expression because he laughed, giving you a small peck on the lips "you can do it 'babe'" you glare at him "what did you just call me?" he shrugged, his whole face lit up in amusment and love "babe" "i swear sometimes you act like-like a human!" "but isn't that a good thing? i've got more..." he paused trying to find the right words "i've got more ideas" he said smiling evily. "Fine i'll just fly down" "you can fly??" "yeah haven't you ever seen my wings, since you always look at my back soo closly..." he blushed. "If you haven't noticed i don't look THAT closely at your back" you teasingly kiss him on the cheek as you willed your wings to unfold.
  9. ""Fast forwad"" Alec leads you into something wet actually you realized it was water. You opened your eyes, and gasp (sorry!) you were standing in a beautiful lake that sparkled a blackish bluish colour in the moonlight, you looked around and took in how green the grass was and the sweet overwhelming scent of apples, mangos, cherries, gwavas, peaches and apricots. You dump your whole body into the water. You felt weird, unormal. You felt light headed and wozy. Images flash into your mind, first you see... Drew! he was kneeling on a pile of bones, you see wings. Long pitch black wings. They were three feet long. He was wearing all white, grinning. You saw Alec, he was dressed in all black, he had long elegant baby blue wings. He was walking on water, it looked like the water lighted up by his touch... Next you saw a girl, she looked about your age, she had purple elbow length hair. She was wearing a very sluty red v-neck mini dress and red heels. She was holding a gun in one hand and a eye in the other. Lastly you saw yourself. In Drews arms... You were wearing a flowing yet skin tight midnight blue floor length dress. And your beautiful, attractive white wings were unfolded, touching Drew's. Drews arm was around your waist as if you belonged to him, as if he owned you.
  10. Your head reaches the surface right in frount of Alec's. He pulled you closer to him "do you like it?" "yeah it's beautiful" "it may be, but it could never compare to your beauty" you blush. Alec pulls you under water with him grinning, then he kissed you. You could feel your heart melting. Alec dragged you out of the water and on to the soft grass. He was on top of you, you noticed. His wet body pressed tightly against yours unil there was no room between the two of you. He planted kisses all down your neck, then he went back to your lips, pressing against them softly. You wrap your leg around him which pushed you two together even closer (ahhh love ;D) at midnight Alec brought you back home (you: did anything happen? me: no! nothing that um... just read! :p) You got changed into yet another night gown. A lot of things were buzzing through your head by the time you lay down on your bed. What were those images? Why was Drew wearing white? Why was he holding me if he despised light beings? Who was that girl? Does she have something to do with Drew? How come it looked like Drew owned me? All these things were running through your head, which made it impossible for you to sleep. So you got up and glided quietly down the hall ways and corridors. You needed to ask Drew something, about the images. You reach the door and open it, zooming inside, worried that someone would see you... Although it was midnight and no one was awake. You look into the mirror again, a little scared by the fact that it was midnight and you were going to talk to a demon of darkness. You see...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! (dunno how to spell lol :D) anyway who do you like? light or dark? hmmm?

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