First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 29



Created by: scumbag

  1. The next morning on the bus, Chris was running to school again. Lily tapped your shoulder. "You like him?" she asks you. "Huh? Who?" you ask. "That guy. That seventh grade guy, Chris," she says. "Of course not," you scoff. "Sure you don't," Lily jokes. "Lily," you grumble. "I'm just kidding you dummy. But don't bother too much with them seventh graders. They're just as bad as eighth graders. His ex girlfriend has been talking about hurting someone, I was just hoping it's not you..." Lily murmurs. "Oh, it's not," you say although you knew who Jessica was going to hurt.
  2. In first hour you toss Ryan your breakfast juice. Rene was drawing something. She drew an old grandpa cartoon. It immediately reminded you of the last day of fifth grade that Mandy had drawn. That seemed so long ago. Rene labeled it, Erin White. "Rene!" you shout as you snatch her pencil and start writing her name. Laughing, you guys tickle each other in order to get a hold` of the pencil. Ryan sneaks up behind you guys with a permanent marker and writes down Hobo. Rene smacks his hand. You grab the pencil and write down Rene with an arrow at the grandpa. "Oh, I'll KILL you guys!" she screeches. "Does that mean you won't come after school to my house to study?" you ask her. "Never! Even if it's with you or Ryan. You can never make me study!"she exclaims. "But you have to if you wanna be in class with me next year!" you tell her.
  3. "Yeah, you hafta come. Erin makes good fudge," added Ryan. "I wanna be with you guys next year, but I have dance classes and I DESPISE studying! I'll be fine!" she says. "But Rene..." The bell rung. Mrs. Pearson's sharp crabby voice struck the room. "IN YOUR SEATS!" she hollers. You and Ryan race to your seats. "Wow, someone must've skipped their period," you heard Rene mutter. "Rene!" you whisper sharply. She grins at you. Mrs. Pearson slammed down her binder. She eyes every student. "Phil," she says crisply. "Yes, Mrs. P?" he says innocently. "Why is your backpack in here?" she asks smoothly. The class laughs. "Would you like to put it in your locker?" she asks again. "Uh, yea," he says. He ran out of the room. She didn't see Derek who still had his backpack bulged with something. Derek and Phil were the sixth grade's top troublemakers. A teacher's worst nightmare. They had once filled Mr. Henning's desk with shaving cream as a joke since he was known for being very hairy. He quit his job afterwards.
  4. When Mrs. Pearson turned her back on the class, Derek slowly took a plane at a time and handed them to participating boys. They all aimed and- fired. The class was filled with dozens of paper airplanes. When the backpack was empty, Derek magically crushed it to fist sized and dropped it behind a bookcase. No one could be identified as the criminal. Phil still had a backpack left to go. They were going to use that in seventh hour.
  5. After school, you went to the girls changing room as usual. You thought you were early since the locker room was nearly empty with a few seventh hour girls left in there. You got changed into your sweatpants and gym shirt. You go to the practice room. The halls were not filled with the usual crowd of football players. You see Coach Dennis up ahead. You catch up to him, "Coach, where is everyone?" He stares at you strangely. "There's no practice today." "What?!" He chuckles. "Take a break for once will ya? You work too hard," he says. "But my bus is gone by now!" you screech. "Woah, calm down. You need a call home? I can give you a lift if you want," said Coach. "No, no. I'm fine. I can walk," you say. "Are you sure?" he asks. "Yeah," you say as you stomp back to the locker room. How could you be so dumb? What a waste of time. You change once again into your normal street clothes and then grab your backpack and trumpet case.
  6. You charge out the doors and onto the street. The trumpet case swung at your side and your backpack thumped up and down on your back. You eventually slowed down. Today was Friday October 6th. You had constructed a quiz for Ryan during study time. You guessed you wouldn't be seeing Chris today at the library after what happened yesterday. Jessica was feeding his head with twisted truths, how could he believe her? Can't he see how she's doing so much to cling onto him? Oh well, that was ok. Chris and you were just study buddies in the library, cross country team mates, rode the same bus. But then you think, What about when he brought you to his home when you were sick on that rainy day? What about what he said to you before you passed out on the sofa? What about that picture he used as his screen image...
  7. Well, you were friends. But things were starting to click back into place, right? The jigsaw puzzle was coming back together and starting to draw a picture. Besides, your life wouldn't be so complicated now. You could have some free time finally. You stopped. Something caught your eye. You stare through a window display. The corner jewelry and crafts place. In the corner of the window display was a BFF Bracelets For Three crafts kit. It was a little kit with three types of yarn: fluffy cottony, plain, and thick, flower beads: plastic, glass, and fabric, three glitter bottles: purple, pink, and silver, and three clasps.
  8. There was even an instruction book on how to tie different knots and do different yarn designs. The price was on a big red sticker, 1.50. You had all these ideas all of a sudden. To really confirm your friendship you had to have proof, a BFF bracelet would be perfect. Mandy would never approve of bracelets. You imagined Rene wearing one. Perfect. You imagined Ryan wearing one. Distorted, unorderly, not right. Eh, you'll figure something out. It was too cute to resist.
  9. Even though it was so simple, it just drew you closer to it. It was special for some reason, just perfect. You had to buy it. You go inside and ask the store owner. She was a petite 30 year old lady who you could tell was the delightful cheery type that often did little cute hobbies like knitting, beading, etc. Boy, were you wrong. She had her own little workshop where she drilled, hammered, and did metal work for necklace pendant designs. You waited as she brought out a kit matching the one in the window exactly. "Ah, since you're so cute, I'll give you a discount," said the lady. You blushed on the spot.
  10. No one ever called you cute except your Mum a couple times. You were not exactly the cute type. You were just average, simple and plain. Well, maybe you were a little hot tempered and got high at times, but still if someone were to look at you, all they'd see is an average girl. "Oh no, I'll pay full price," you quickly say. You felt guilty sometimes when people gave you a discount because you were related to them or cute. "1.00 will be fine," said the lady, "Besides, it's practically free, I thought that I'd just give it out free anyways." "But Ma'am, I'd pay full price for it, it's as worth as any other item in this store," you say. She smiles at you. She hands you a little book. "What's this?" you ask. "It's free," she said, "I think you'll like it." You pay full price for the kit and then you take the book with you. She gave you a window washer wave as you left. You stuck the kit into your pocket and read the little book. It looked like a little kid's book. It was titled, A Boy and a Puppy. There were no pictures, just the words. It starts out... "A farmer had some puppies that he wanted to sell. Then he wrote an advertisement and nailed it to the wall near his yard. When he was about to hammer the last nail, he felt someone tugging at his pants. He looked down and saw a little child."

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