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  • Finding out your Wolf Pack Rank!!!
    Your Result: Alpha Female 85%

    You are a rather dominating wolf who loves leading your Pack by your Mates(husbands) side. You will always care for your Pack and try to treat them fairly, however you adore your Alpha and will always do anything to please him, no matter how much you agree or disagree with his judgement; the one this that will always come before your Alpha is your pups as you become a devoting mother and will do anything to protect any litter you have. Furthermore, you yourself won't hesitate to dish out various punishments to Pack members if they are disobedient or misbehave. The Pack mainly respect you and you mainly return that respect.

    85% Beta Female
    84% Beta Male
    84% Alpha Male (1)
    78% Pack pup (Male)
    77% Pack pup (Female)
    67% Alpha Male (2)
    46% Old Wise Wolf
    45% Omega (1)
    41% Omega (2)

  • Pack pup (Male) 80%

    You are a tiny ball of fluff who is yet to have a genuine rank within the Pack. Being a pup is mainly all fun and games and as you're a male you're much more adventurous, outgoing and rough in games such as play fights. You tend to get into the most trouble and are continuously being told off for your misbehaviour, though you are clever enough to take your punishment so you can be let go and continue playing with the rest of the Pack.

  • I am aphla female

  • I'm a Pack pup Female

  • I’m a pack pup female as well


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