Final Fantasy 12 Quiz

The Final Fantasy series has revolutionised the gaming system over and over again. Massively diverse environments, intricately designed creatures and constructs, intense action and adventure amongst the remarkable storylines. Not to mention entire virtual worlds to explore.

Yet how much do you claim to know about the latest installment into the never-ending saga. Final Fantasy 12 was awarded the "Game of the Year" title for its amazing design. Will you be awarded the "FFXII Expert of the year"? Find out by participating in the following quiz:

Created by: Ben
  1. What is the name of the world the story takes place within?
  2. In the opening cinematic which town was captured by which force?
  3. What is the first boss in the game?
  4. How many license points does the Tournesol cost?
  5. What name is given to the items which can be stolen from Gilgamesh?
  6. Which of these locations is NOT situated within Dalmasca?
  7. What is the most powerful weapon in the game? (In terms of attack)
  8. Which of the following are not related?
  9. How do you summon the Larva Eater?
  10. Out of the following who would emerge victorious?
  11. What is the name of the judge who left the order after destroying Nabudis?
  12. Which of these are NOT shards of the Dynast king?
  13. The Esper of lightning is:
  14. What is the name of Penelo's second Mist Quickening?
  15. Which one of the following IS a Green Magick spell?
  16. What spell would be most appropriate when fighting a Leamonde Entite?
  17. Who watches over the holy city of Mt Bur-Omisace?
  18. Before it was destroyed by the Dawn Shard the Dreadnaugh Leviathan was part of which fleet?
  19. Nekhbet is which classification of monster?
  20. What is Judge Gabranth's real name?
  21. What must you do to obtain 500 000 gil and the Rod of Faith?
  22. From which common monster would you recieve Scarletite?
  23. Which of the following locations holds the toughest monsters?
  24. What monster has a 1/256 chance of it spawning once the conditions are met?
  25. Yiazmat has how much health approximately?
  26. What was the reason for Archadia to bring Bahamut and their entire forces into battle with Marquis Ondore's resistance?
  27. Following the death of His Grace the Gran Kiltias Anastasis which beast emerged leading to the petition of an Elite Mark?
  28. What is the name and classification of the being that helps Dr. Cid and Vayne in their battles with Vaan and his crew?
  29. Selling Horakhty's Flame, Phobos Glaze, Deimos Clay make what Bazaar goods available?
  30. How much does the Mythril Blade cost at Rabanastre?
  31. What is the name and location of the toughest boss in the game?
  32. How many normal monsters are there? (Discluding Bosses, Marks, Rare Game etc.)
  33. What do you rate FFXII?

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