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  • I picked the random quiz thing, yeah, a 14% sorry dude, but I haven't played the game, I randomly guessed, a 14 is a miracle for me, besides, even if I did play the game, who takes the time to memorize that many details of it, I play for pleasure, not useless knowledge, the pursuit of NOT BEING FREAKIN' BORED, yeah, that's me!

  • Somewhat disappointed that I only got 64%...I trieds really hard! I dids! But the quizzy-thingy was just...too mean...sniff...

    And, damn, was it hard! Major props to the creator of this quiz.

    How much health DOES Yaizimat have? I still haven't gotten to the point where I'm confident enough to take the hunt, so I dunno.

    Geez, I'm such a geek.

  • you kinda pick it up as you go and i havn't even seen the yaizimat hunt yet so i kinda guesed

    i got 64 percent by the way
    whats a dream rod ???????

  • 83%!!!! i know to much...


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