All about Final Fantasy VII

So you think you know Final Fantasy VII?? do you really? wanna know for sure? well take this quiz to find out how much you really know about Final Fantasy VII

Are you a true gamer? do u know the Final Fantasy series? well if you do know then there is a chance you may be a true gamer, but how well do u know the Final Fantasy seiries? this quiz will test you knowledge of Final Fantasy VII

Created by: Eric
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  1. Who is the Main character
  2. How many Characters can you get without cheating??
  3. How do you get the main characters ultimate weapon?
  4. Which of Clouds weapons give him triple the amount of AP as every one else after a battle?
  5. What is Red XIII real name?
  6. What does the white materia do?
  7. Who is Zack?
  8. What is the name of Clouds and Tifas old home town friend who randomly shows up in the game (HINT: he was at sector seven saying he wanted to start a new life, the honey club in sector 6 and he wrote to tifa in the flash back to his past)
  9. What is the name of the organization that Cloud supposedly worked under?
  10. What is Tifas bar called?
  11. What is the sea plan that the team "barrows" from Cid called?
  12. Barret continuously says somthing, what is it he says?
  13. In the Battle arena at the Gold Saucer what is written on the floor while fighting
  14. Who is Sephiroths father
  15. When the mako cannon is moved to Midgar, the name is what is it changed?
  16. Who is your chocobo manager??
  17. How did Cloud originally get his Buster Sword?
  18. Were was AVALANCE started?
  19. Nanankis grandfathers name is...
  20. What was vincents sin?
  21. Why does Sephiroth call Cloud his puppet
  22. How many weapons are there?
  23. What is, the lifestream?
  24. What is on the front of the Final Fantasy Disk?
  25. The two hardest enemies in Final Fantasy VII
  26. How much is a flower from Aeris
  27. Wht are Clouds eyes diffrent
  28. LAST QUESTION!!!! What happened to AVALANCE

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