Fancy Fantasy Part 12

Guys powers: *Marcus* persuasion *Jake* learn by osmosis *Taylor* teleportation *Bobby* talk to people in their heads *all guys* very skilled in self defense

Guys descriptions: *Marcus* sexy dark brown hair with puppy dog brown eyes, very well built, nicely tan, funny and relaxed *Jake* nerdy, short brown hair with clear light brown eyes, slight but strong build, slightly tan, very smart, makes you laugh and feel safe and special *Taylor* emo is the one word that describes him, black hair that goes just past his coal-colored eyes, well built, pale *Bobby* sexy dirty blonde hair with glassy blue eyes, bad boy, chillax, very muscular but lean build, tan

Created by: Twisted_Roots

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  1. Recap: You leave to go kill the human leader and pick up a suicidal passenger, Karter, and are now continuing on your journey.
  2. There are some things that should just not be done. Like leaving to go to an almost unknown destination without an iPhone. Or not bringing any back up to take down the most powerful human ever. And not eating before leaving. Ok, so maybe I didn't quite think this out. The only backup I have is Karter, and he has no training. We're almost there, and I have no plan. Kick down the front door and kill every human in sight? Nah. Too direct. Scale the wall and enter through the chimney? I mentally laughed at myself. I'm not Santa Claus! No, what I need to do has to be totally unpredictable. It has to be... an idea began to form in my head as the fortress began to peek over the horizon. It's at LEAST twelve stories tall, and twice as wide as it is tall. The doors are two stories tall themselves! There are three things I need to do right now: plan plan plan! After I made the idea fool proof, I turned to Karter to relay my instructions. He was fast asleep. I frowned. Poor kid. He's been through so much in so little time. I really want to let him sleep, but I can't do this without him.
  3. I pull over to the side of the road and gently guide the car into the bushes so it can't be seen by the patrols. After turning off the car, I gently shake Karter's shoulder. "Karter," I whispered. "Karter, we're here. Please wake up." He slowly began to stir. "That's it. We're at the castle." I watched as he fully awakened. When his gaze landed on the castle, his eyes bugged to the size of tennis balls. "We're infiltrating THAT?!" he asked skeptically. I frowned. "You doubt my amazing ability of successful planning?" He buried his laughter as we exited the car. I pull some bushes up to conceal it completely. When I was satisfied, we began walking, staying hidden on the side of the road. The castle is about a mile away, leaving plenty of time to tell Karter the plan and make sure he understands.
  4. ***Karter and I slipped silently behind a big oak tree to observe the two guards on either side of the entry, 100 yards away from our position. I remove all four of my guns and lay them silently on the ground. Karter helps me rip off one of the straps of my tank top along with the part that covers my stomach. I tussle my hair a bit, then sprint straight to the guards while Karter remains hidden. The guards shout at me and point their guns, but I keep running. "Help me!" I scream in my best southern accent. "The beast! He's after me! He almost KILLED me!!" I duck behind the nearest guard and tremble in "˜fright'. "I was just walkin' my dog, when all of the sudden, this THING come out and gobbles him right up, yes sir! I started runnin' and hollerin' and the branches tore my clothes." The other guard had come over by now. And they stood, side by side, backs to me, consulting each other on the validity of my claims. I dropped the accent. "Thanks, gents." I placed one hand on each of their necks and swiftly drained the life from them. They were dead before they hit the ground. I quickly drew my hands back, staring at them like foreign objects. Karter emerged from the trees, struggling to carry all my guns as I stood in shock. I just killed two humans. My first real kills. Karter exchanged his clothes with one of the guards. After he was done, he rearranged the guards to look like they had fallen asleep on duty, making sure the one with his clothes was well hidden behind the other. He looked to me. "Come on, we gotta move." I stood rooted to the spot. I just KILLED two PEOPLE!
  5. **KARTER'S POV** I figure her shock will work with the plan, so I handcuff her wrists behind her back and lead her through the grand entryway. The interior was nothing like the exterior. The inside was decorated with rich looking golds and reds, while the outside was a dreary grey. A plush, red carpet ran from the entry to the grand stairway, which went up a floor, then split opposite directions to reach the second floor. It kind of reminded me of the stairway from Gone With The Wind. _____'s shock looked more like a depression now, which is good, because if one of the guards sees us they'll just assume she's sad she was finally kidnapped. I led her up the stairs and took the one on the right when they split. We need to find the leaders room. Or office. Either one will work as long as he's in there. We pass door after door, all looking the same. At the end of the hallway there's another stairwell, so we take it up. She still hasn't said a word. We repeat this floor after floor: observe doors, then go up at the end of the hall. After what seemed like hours, we reach the top floor. Exhausted, we walk down the hallway, staring at doors that all look alike, like soldiers. Three more doors... two more... one... "This is it!" I whispered to my silent companion. She nodded, looking like she had recovered from the shock of her first kill. This door had ornate carvings of strange symbols on the gold door. I knocked. After a few agonizing seconds, a gruff voice yelled, "Come in!" And so we did.
  6. **MY POV** He isn't at all what I expected. I expected this fat, ugly, pig of a guy, but who he really is shocked me. But what happened next probably hurt more than who he is. Karter threw me on the floor at his feet. "The plan worked, Master." Karter bent down on one knee in a royal bow. I lay, will crushed, on the floor. HE laughed, a horrible, evil, gut-wrenching thing. I still can't believe it. HE bent down and toyed with my hair. "You thought you'd be so noble! Leaving in the dead of night to defeat the human leader. Making sure no one else gets hurt. Little did you expect it to be ME!" I shoot a desperate glance at Karter, but his gaze is locked in a staring contest with the floor. "You see, Karter's parents really did die, but not how he said. Because Karter killed his parents." I didn't react. I couldn't react. "Karter shot his mother and father, then VERY carefully hung himself from the tree, because I told him you have a soft spot for that kind of stuff." So Karter betrayed me. HE betrayed me too, but who knows how long ago that happened. God knows who else is against me. HE gripped my hair in a fist and yanked me up off the floor. I grit my teeth as HE flung me against the opposite wall. "You thought you would be the HERO! The savior of the mythical world!" a steel-toed boot swiftly kicked my ribs, and I swear I heard something crack. HE grabbed my foot, swung around, and threw me against the bureau across the room. I have officially been reduced to a rag doll.
  7. HE walked towards me, crouched down, and stuck his ugly face in mine. "Not so heroic now, are you?" This is my chance. I shot my body up with the little remaining energy I had so my head smashed into his face, breaking his nose, and spewing blood everywhere. I smirked. "Actually, I am." HE growled. Ok, I'll admit it: That was terrifying. I curled up against the dresser. He stomped towards me, drew his hand back, and slapped me so hard it made my head spin. Then he picked me up by the neck and threw me mercilessly into his massive fireplace. Surely he wouldn't...? He reached for a match. I don't think he can...? He lit the match. But I thought he...? Laughing, he doused the match. "You should have seen the look on your face! No, I would never burn you alive." He dragged me out of the fireplace by my ponytail. "I prefer something a little more... personal." I laid face up on the blood red rug. A knife came into view. "See, when I kill you, I want you to see the pleasure in my eyes. I want you to know that I could have stopped, but I didn't. I want you to know that I KILLED you." A wicked grin twisted his once gorgeous face as he press the tip of the knife against the middle of my chest. "Any last words?" He taunted. "Yeah. The both of you can go STRAIGHT to Hell!" I screamed as I spat in his face. The blade knifed through my chest. The only sounds were HIS manic laughter, and the dying thuds of my heart, until my heartbeat was no more.
  8. i know it was short but it was action packed!
  9. There WILL be a part 13, so stay tuned!
  10. QOD: who do you think the Human Leader is?

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