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  • .....I'll live. I know that for sure. Part 13. TODAY. What if the human leader is like, Marcus or something? I have the weirdest imaginations xD BUT KARTER? REALLY? I bet he's good and he'll save me when I really need it and something like that because Karter.IS.Good. If not.....we can always trade...

    *guard comes in dragging someone* Hello Demetrius >:D

  • Hahaha I like your idea ivory! Trading characters.... I dunno. I don't think I could write Dmitri like you do! We could maybe do like a one chapter mash? You can email me about it at horse.rain at Yahoo :)

  • That's why you never get to attatched to a guy you just met. Ya I'm pretty sure I will live either that, or come back in a different body. I don't know who is the human leader. Hmm...

  • Loved it please try to get part 13 out asan (as soon as now)


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