Falling in Love with You (Part Two)

Recap: Jayden found you in a warehouse and was taking you to camp when a tiger attacked. He took it on for you and was attacked. You found out he and others were part of your former foster family and the world has gone pretty bad because of a world-wide phenomena of amnesia.

There's Jake, distant and kind of a jerk, black hair and dark brown eyes. Half Italian. Jayden, blonde, green eyes and nice. Bobby: Brown hair and gray eyes. Aaron, flirty with red hair and blue eyes. Ryland is mute and has dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes.

Created by: regalmaiden
  1. Bobby pulls you aside and his very serious, mysterious gray eyes carefully search yours. "Do you remember anything?" he asks with a frown. You shake your head silently. "That's good..." he whispers, brushing a stray lock of hair out of your face. "I was so worried about you. After we broke out, I lost you somewhere and then Mom found me. I wasn't able to find you... I'm so sorry +++++." He closes his eyes and circles his strong but trembling arms around your waist. Folded against his chest you can hear the rhythmic beating of his heart. His muscular chest slowly expands as he breaths and you shut your eyes, feeling how familiar he is. "Where were we?" you ask in a soft whisper. His next breath was shaky and you counted the seconds he held it. One... Two... Three... "It was something like a ..." he whispers. "Prison." You look up at him to find him already gazing down at you. Suddenly uncomfortable, you pull away and look down.
  2. "Patty don't play games with me! Where is she?" you hear Jayden's worried, frantic voice from across the hangar exclaim. "Jayden, I swear she is fine!" Patricia snaps back. "Well then, can I see her?" he demands. Patricia groans and smacks her fist into her open palm with a fierce glare at Jayden. "+++++?" she calls, turning around and weaving in between shelves and cots to find you. Seeing you and Bobby so close she frowns. "Jayden wants to see you," she says hesitantly. Glancing between Patty and Bobby you wonder if something happened between them. Bobby slowly backs away from her and Patty shifts in discomfort. Finally she takes your wrist and tows you towards Jayden. "Did something happen between you and Bobby?" you ask. She stops suddenly. "No... well... sort of. I liked him but he didn't like me and well... anyway, here's Princess demanding," Patricia said, pushing you towards Jayden, who's propped on his elbows and staring blankly at Patty.
  3. You offer him a hesitant smile and he grins widely. "C'mere gorgeous!" he says. You start to kneel beside his cot but he links his arm quickly around your waist and plops you down beside him. "How... are you... feeling?" you stammer, surprised by his sudden action and unnerved by him strong arm still looped around your waist. "Now that you're here, great," he says, sighing. "Thanks for..." you start. "Saving your life? No problem. Saving babes is my specialty." You shift uneasily and he sighs. "Do you believe me now +++++?" he asks, a sudden serious tone in his voice. You nod and he grins. "Okay, I can stop dying now!" he says, starting to sit up. A sudden firm hand on his shoulder shoves him back down. You look up as Jake mutters, "You have a broken rib bone-head." There's slight amusement in his voice and his brown eyes dance good-naturedly over you before sending a quick glare at Jayden. "Once you finish up here I need +++++," he says, giving Jayden a brotherly pat on the head and hanging up his harpoon-like spear on the wall.
  4. After silently watching Jake march outside importantly, Jayden looks back at you and sighs. Again. Is he always sighing at you? "What?" you ask, when he won't stop staring at you in memorization. "You're by far the prettiest girl I've ever saved from a tiger." "Yeah, sure, I'll bet I'm the only girl you saved from a tiger," you shoot back. He grins. "Actually... I've saved Patty from that same tiger... but of course, she looks like a zombie," he says, pulling his lower eyelids down and you laugh. "Are we really in New York?" you ask. He sighs. "Who told you that?" "So we aren't in New York?" "Ha ha... yes we are..." "Jayden!" "Sorry..." he sighs and glances out the door. "Jakey-poo is in want of your feminine attentions," he says, and you stand up. "Where is he?" you ask. "Probably out murdering Aaron," he answers. You send him a shocked look and he laughs again.
  5. You wander outside into the humid, sweltering heat and wander around, looking for Jake. Seeing Ryland stretched out on a patch of grass with his dreamy brown eyes scanning the clouds above him, you approach hesitantly. "Ryland?" you ask. He sits up quickly and smiles at you, looking delighted. "Have you seen Jake?" you ask. He looks thoughtful for a moment before nodding and jumping to his feet. He smiles and glances at your hand. You outstretch your arm and say "Take me to your leader." He smiles wider and grips your hand gently, turning towards a path leading into the jungle. He grabs a crossbow from the ground and starts into the dense rainforest. "What happened Ryland?" you ask after a minute. He glances back at you with a confused expression. "Why don't you talk?" you ask again. He looks down, steps slowing, then stops. He looks up again, and searches your eyes longingly. He slowly shakes his head, swallowing. He smacks one hand on his chest, over his heart, and then holds it at a level that's about your height. "What?" you ask. Tears build up in his eyes and he absently wipes at them with his wrist. He turns away and gives your hand a pull. His steps are eratic and finally he stops, let's your hand go, and leans against a mossy tree, sobbing quietly.
  6. "No +++++, don't," a deep voice with a New York accent says behind you just as you're reaching a hand towards Ry's shoulder. Heart pounding, you reel around, gasping. "Jake?!" you hiss. "Shh... leave him alone. You'd just make him feel worse. Come on," the dark-haired boy says, turning around and heading further down the path. Glancing again at Ryland you bite your lip. You never wanted to make him cry. "I'm sorry Ryland," you say, before turning to follow Jake. "Will he be okay?" you ask, trying to keep up with Jake's strong, fast stride. "Once he smells food cooking yeah," he answers wryly, glancing at you over his shoulder. He slows when he sees you struggling through a thick bush. "Ahh!" you yelp as you trip and go flying. The next thing you know is that you're in Jake's strong arms. Eyes wide, you look up to stare at him. He looks equally shocked, his usual tough-guy expression replaced by a surprised one that you would laugh at. Your hands on his muscular arms and the rest of you against the rest of him, both of you stand paralyzed for a moment. His look softens slightly before he clears his throat and pushes you away. "Klutz," he mutters, running a hand through his midnight black hair and taking a deep breath. When you realize he's trying to get it together, you blush. "Well... let's keep going..." you say, trying desperately not to meet his gaze. "What?" he asks absently, head tilted as he stares at you. "Oh... yeah..." he says as he realizes and turns away. "Sorry for being... so awkward..." he says. "I haven't been around any girls for a long time."
  7. "Why'd you pick me for this?" you ask later, holding a basket as he drops mangos in it from the top of a tall tree. "Cause everyone else was busy," he answers, climbing down. He drops to his feet behind you as you look into the nearly-full basket and as he reaches around you for it, his hand brushes against your waist. He swallows so stiffly you hear his gulp and he quickly snatches the basket. "This'll do. It would have been better if you caught them but you'll get better. Let's go." He pulls a thick indifference and marches away, again expecting you to keep up.
  8. After wordlessly pointing at the hangar and watching you take the mangos inside with a confused smirk, Jake took off again, this time armed with a rifle. "You're humming," Patricia says as soon as you set the mangoes down in the corner. You gasp. "Patricia, don't sneak up on me like that!" you snap. She grins evilly. "Were you hoping I was Jakey?" she suggests. You pale. "What? No. He's... he's..." you stammer. "A self-absorbed creepy jerk I know." "Right..." you answer. "Look Pat, I just got here, lay off the teasing okay... zombie?" She frowns. "Jayden you jerk!" she shouts, wheeling around and tearing off towards his cot. A deep voice with a slight southern accent suddenly breaks into your thoughts. "I've been hoping to get alone with you."
  9. Aaron's standing there with an enticing smirk as he looks you over. His tan-gray t-shirt is tight over his chest and arms and his hair is cut nicely. (Think a Taylor Lautner cut) His electric blue eyes sparkle and his grin is infectious. "How you doin'?" he asks. You smile shyly. "I'm fine." "Look, I have something I need to talk to you about," he says. "Ryland still hasn't come back and I was going to look for him. Wanna come?"
  10. To xxbluetixx, you're right, his name was going to be Mario, but I changed it to Jake. Thank you for your comment btw. I love your series Don't Leave Me Hanging.

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