Fallen With You

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Hi!This is my first series ok so please dont judge me correct me if i have errors! Just Enjoy!But im also new on gotoquiz i like this website! Next Paragraph is really random!Read It Love!


Created by: xMaggieLolx

  1. __? says a voice.__!the voice yells! You awake from sleeping in Mrs.Smith Class again.__!How many times i have to tell you no sleeping in my class we have a new student!says Mrs.Smith. You put your hoodie on and pay attention to whoever is new. This is Our new student DAVE! says Mrs.Smith smiling. You look up and see that Dave have black short hair with deep blue eyes.He smiles with his perfect white teeth. Then he waves his hand and starts walking your way.WAIT IS HE SITTING BY ME? you say panicing! But outta luck he sits by Jessie.Ugh i hate JESSIE you say angryly hitting your head on your desk.
  2. While doing your work you hear Jessie giggling in the back.You roll your eyes. But then you hear from jessie mouth "yea __ she's a sleeper in here you should see her at lunch she eats like a damn pig!" then Jessie and her gang starts laughing like crazy.I'll be right back class im about to go get the papers from the printer says Mrs.Smith. SO she walks out the class room. This is your time to shine! You stand up and walk up to Jessie. Jessie gives you a disgust look. Yes Pig? says Jessie.OK FIRST OFF im not a damn pig! Second your a b----! Third shut the hell up with your laughing and stupid crap back here PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO WORK UNLIKE YOU DOG! Got it you say yelling. Jessie looks at you very upset and her friends Kayla and Kattie give you a disgust look while Dave stares at you. You go back to your seat and sit down. Mrs.Smith walks back in the room.Well class here are your..(Before Mrs.Smith Can Finish Jessie stands up) Jessie points to you and say THAT LOSER JUST CALLED ME A DOG!(Mrs.Smith Looks at you)__! Out! OUT OF MY CLASS RIGHT NOW! GO TO THE PRINCIPAL! says Mrs.Smith yelling. FINE I WILL BETTER THAN THIS CRAP! you say and you leave the class room.
  3. You walk down the hallway waiting for the lunch bell to ring. You bump into someone.OOH GOD U HAVE EYES USE THEM! you shout. You look up and see a guy with brown hair and eyes (A little bit Australian).Oh sorry i didnt mean to shout you say. Its alright love he says. You smile and ask whats your name? Its Austin he says smiling and gives you a rose. Whats yours love? he ask. __.. you say.Thats a outstanding name he says. Thank you you say.
  4. The Bell rings. Oh I have to go love! he says sounding like his rushing.But this is the lunch bell you say.Oh..well..uh..See you later LUV! he says running down the hallway.BYE AUSTIN! you say waving.Then someone taps you. You turn around and see a guy with dirty blonde hair and sorta dark green eyes.Yea you say? Is that your boyfriend? he ask. NOO! you say blushing. Oh he says smiling. Im Josh whats yours name? he ask.__ nice to meet you Josh you say.JOSH! COME ON STUPID! I MEAN..SILLY! shouts Kayla. Is that your girlfriend you say grinning. Yea says Josh. Bye he says walking away. Bye Josh you say waving. You hear Kayla say Why are you talking to that loser! You walk in the lunch room and sit by some random quiet dude who's sitting by himself with black hair and brown eyes. Hey Dude you say. He doesnt speak. Hello?!?! You say. He still doesnt speak. EARTH TO YOU? you say waving your hand in his face. He puts his hoodie on and puts his head down covering his face.
  5. After lunch you walk around in the hallways again.HEY LOVE! someone shouts.You turn its AUSTIN!Hey Austin Glad to see you! you say smiling. You to luv.. he says giving you a hug. Why do you call me love? you ask. Well..i think its a great nickname for you because you look so lovely,beautiful,amazing or even more! do u mind if i call you "Love" but only my love he says grinning.You smile nope not at all. He smiles thats great! Well i gotta go again see you later love he says running out the school front doors. You walk to class and before you even walk in you see the quiet guy again. You walk up to him and say Hey Quiet Boy. He looks at you. Uhhh Hi? he says.You smile and clap Oh yay u speak! then you laugh. He smiles and laughs with you. So whats your name you ask. Scott! you must be __ right? he ask. YUP! how did you know you ask. Dave told me he say. Oh you say. Yall sit there and talk away forgetting about class
  6. Jessie walks out the class room.Well,well,well isnt it the two lovebirds __ and Scott.No you got it all wrong dog we are only friends you say grinning.Scott gets up and walks up without speaking.Wait Scott..you say.He walks down the hallway.Awww did i get your boyfriend mad? Jessie says laughing. SHUT UP DOG! IM SICK OF YOU! LIKE REALLY! JUST SHUT UP! you shout. You push Jessie and she falls in science room,bumps into a desk and the stuff falls all on her outfit. m-m-my OUTFIT! Jessie shouts.YOU LOSER! LOOK WHAT YOU DID YOU PIG! UGH I HATE YOU! says Jessie trying to get help. You laugh and say HAHA YOU DAMN DOG! and walk off.
  7. You walk home bored as hell.Ugh nothing to do at all..But walk home from a nice day at school you say.Wait up __! says someone. Its Dave! Oh Hey Dave how its going? you ask. Nothing..Thinking about breaking up with Jessie he says. Oh really? Why you ask smiling.She is curel i cant do a damn thing he says.You laugh. Whats funny he ask. Nothing how you just find out she's curel? you ask.Aye Dont Judge Me! he says laughing.
  8. You know __ i really like you he says.You smile i like you to Dave... you say.Im going inside my house now im tired and need engery for Jessie's next insult or move because im ready for it you say.Dave smiles and laughs me too. You guys stand there and laugh and he kisses you on the cheek. Bye __! he says running down the road! You wave! STAY TUNE FOR PART 2? SHOULD I MAKE IT?
  9. I was also gonna make a 7mins in heaven should it be clean or dirty? DONT REPORT IF ITS DIRTY -.-!
  10. MMK KAY PICK!( not possible answer 5 or 6)

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