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Created by: DraconiteDragon

  1. I have OCPD ( I’m obsessed with symmetry but not that much. Kid is like really obsessed ).
  2. My real name is Ava but call me Draco/Death the Kid/ Lelouch/Sebastian because I don’t like it.
  3. I’m the only person in my family( that is still alive ) with OCPD.
  4. My top 10 anime guys:1 Sebastian Michaelis 2 Lelouch 3 Death The Kid4 Ciel Phantomhive 5 Suzaku Kururugi 6 Alois Trancy 7 Kaneki Ken 8 Soul I didn’t do more because I don’t know who else
  5. I prefer to be alone most of the time but if I get too lonely, I will leave.
  6. I hate violence and I prefer it if the protagonists don’t die.
  7. I’m really picky with practically everything and won’t accept something if it has an error on it.
  8. I like to do calm activities so I don’t freak out and I will occasionally push myself beyond what I can take
  9. My siblings are Kayley and Amelia but everyone has preferred names in my house so I call them Acid and Diamond.
  10. That’s it I guess

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