Interesting Factoids: How many do you know?

I love to find out cool facts. Though I don't spout facts like Olive (off of ANT Farm) does, I do have a book of crazy facts. I thought I'd share some with you guys.

So, how many cool facts do you know? Oh, and be sure to check the answer key- you'd be surprised! Even though I didn't put all of them on here, I might make another quiz, but you guys have to tell me what you think of this one first.

Created by: ilovepuppys
  1. A lightening bolt is _____ degrees Fahrenheit, making it far _____ than the sun.
  2. The {real} word _____ looks the same upside down and right side up.
  3. Beagle+Boxer=
  4. Atlantic Herring sometimes form schools the size of______
  5. In ancient Egypt only royalty were allowed to eat _____
  6. More than 100 years ago, people roller-skated by ___.
  7. The average adult tells _______ lies in a week.
  8. ____ million years ago, dragonflies had wingspans as wide as three frisbees.
  9. Dogs have ____ times ___ taste buds than cats.
  10. The popular text message abbreviation, OMG for "Oh my god," appeared nearly ______ years ago in a letter from a British admiral.

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Quiz topic: Interesting Factoids: How many do I know?