A Day In The Life Of A Goth

I made this quiz simply so the bored people of the internet will have something interesting (at least, i hope interesting) to do. It runs through a scenario of an interesting school day (anyone is welcome to try this but if you have something against high school, then I wouldn't). I put Goth in the title simply for the clothing and style choices mentioned in the quiz and, well, I'm a goth. Either way, it's fun for anyone-not just goths!

So if you're interested in a tiny bit of romance and a bunch of quirky answers, then I'd at least try this out! It's my first quiz, so sorry if i made mistakes or it's not interesting enough. Let me know how I did and enjoy my quiz! (If a lot of people like it enough, I might make more). Have fun! :D

Created by: Rayven

  1. It's a school morning. You wake groggily to the sound of your alarm going off. You eat breakfast, shower, and dress in your usual gothic attire before heading out the door. You manage to get to school on time but you notice a kid about your age and gender being hassled by three kids also your age and gender. You could help the kid, but then you'd be late and you're already on thin ice with your parents and teachers. Then again this kid looks like they could use some help...
  2. That's when you realize something... Darn. They're blocking my classroom door.
  3. You consider using your amazing martial arts skills, remeber you have next to zero experience in that field, and simply approach the group. "Hey, people, free pizza in the cafeteria!" The group immediately takes off running with a few nasty parting words to the person on the ground. The kid stands and glares at the departing group. He/she has brown hair and light blue eyes accented with a smattering of freckles on his/her nose. He/she introduces himself/herself as Danny. "Thanks so much!" says Danny. "I owe you one for this."
  4. Danny just laughs. "Anyway, thanks again. Wanna sit with me at lunch?"
  5. To yes: Danny grins. "Cool. See you there!" To no: "Oh." Danny shrugs. "Yeah, okay." Finally, you make it to class. You cringe, waiting for your teacher's horrible shrieking, but it never comes. You notice that the teacher is busy introducing a new student to the class. You give a sigh of relief and prepare to slink to your seat at the back of the class when you realize how insanely hot the new kid is! What does he/she look like?
  6. The teacher notices you hovering at the door and snaps at you to sit. The new kid watches as you scuttle to your seat, muttering. Then your teacher tells the new student to pick an empty seat. there is one beside you and another beside the most popular person in class. You sigh, figuring the hot new student will predictably go for the football player/cheerleader, but he/she promptly strides up to the desk beside yours and takes a seat. For guys: The girl gives you a stunning smile and says "Hi, I'm Evany." You give her your name and her smile widens. "Cool. Do you think you could help me out with the work and stuff?" For girls: "Hi there" says the guy with a heart-stopping smile. "I'm Adrian. And you are?" You stutter your name in response which only causes his smile to slowly widen. "Pretty name. Can you help me with my work or should I pretend like I know what I'm doing?"
  7. To yes: Evany/Adrian grins and you spend the rest of class getting to know him/her. To no: "Well then..." says Evany/Adrian and he/she scoots away from you. To either: the bell rings for second period. Evany/Adrian gives you a hopeful smile and asks "Sit by me at lunch?"
  8. *Lunch* When you enter the lunchroom, you notice hot new guy/girl sitting with Danny. Go sit with them?
  9. To no: the pair notice you and wave you over. Sit with them? To yes: You take a seat beside them and the two grin at you. "Hey," greets Danny. "I was just talking to Evany/Adrian." Evany/Adrian gives you a friendly grin. "I wasn't sure you would come. Your friend is nice. And, um, you wanna go out to the courtyard for a minute?"
  10. (If you have chosen no to sitting with them and pretty much everything else up till now, then just check the last answer from here on out) To no: "Alright then." Evany/Adrian looks a little put out but keeps his/her friendly demeanor throughout lunch. Danny, however, is thrilled you didn't blow him/her off for the hot guy/girl. To yes: Evany/Adrian gives you a secret smile and tugs you outside. He/she leans against the brick wall of the school outside and sighs. "I just wanted to say that i really like you and I'd like to see you more. Sooo coffee after school?" he/she looks at you hopefully with an endearing smile.
  11. Well, that's all folks! Did you like my quiz???

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