How bored are you?

This test is a test of boredom. You see boredam makes you interesting and a bad speller. So bordom is very very important. Maybe one day when you are old and smelly your grankids will look up at you and say "Were people bored when you were growing up?"

Do you have enough bordeom to be interesting enough to become a fun person to be around to become my friend forever? Come on... I can make you happy. We'll have fun together. I can dance too. Yep. Learned me some dancing.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
If you saw someone gluing a quarter to the sidwalk would you...
Roll your eyes and move on
Call attention to the prankster
Wait to see what happens
Suggest gluing a thong down instead
If a friend had a box full of plastic shopping bags, would you...
Lecture him for being enviormentally irresponsible
Help him to the dumpster
Throw them at ducks to see what happens
Use superglue to create parachutes and jump off a bridge
You find a dead dog at the side of the road. Do you...
Report it to the Department of thingy
Say 'ewwww' and keep walking
Poke it with a stick
Get dark sunglasses and a cane. Then say "Come on buddy, you have to take me to the store." whenever someone walks past.
A doctor tells you that you are insane. Do you...
Carefully note symptoms in a notebook
Shrug and continue with self destructive behavior.
Make fun of other crazy people to compensate.
Start twiching a lot and ask everyone to scratch your invisible dog
After carefully researching and writing a thirty page paper your computer crashes. Do you...
Go to your professor's office and ask for an extension
Drop the class.
Write a stream of consciousness piece on the relationship between wallpaper and moby dick
A girl you met at the bus station says that the candle wax has melted into the lock on the cuffs and they won't open. Do you...
Call the fire department
Hold a candle under them and wait for the wax to melt
Try and break the cuffs with the ornimental snow globe
Surrender to your new position in life and beg for table scraps
During a physics lab you notice that the annoying arrogant guy in the next row has loose pants and no underwear. Do you...
Walk over and whisper the problem to him
Refuse to look up from your desk
Say "Pull your pants up sunshine."
Charge the largest capacitor you can find and touch it to his posterior.
A drunk guy calls at three in the morning and asks you if Jen is there. Do you...
Say "I'm sorry there is no one of that name at this number."
Say "No."
Hang up.
Kill him.
The president is walking by and you have a rubber band. Do you...
Shake his hand.
Do nothing.
Flick the rubber band at him.
Introduce him to your pet lobster named Jimmy who still believes in santa claus
No one loves you. Do you...
Read self help books.
Concentrate on your career.
Say 'I don't give a f...'
Run for office with the sole goal of having exactly zero votes.
While licking an apple (To get the flavor without the calories) you become addicted to insectiside. You...
Check into a clinic.
Buy lots of apples
Get a job at the grocery store so you can lick them in the back
Write a letter to the company asking for strawberry-vanilla cream flavored insectiside
There are two doors. Behind one is a tiger. Behind the other is a beautiful woman. Do you...
Call animal control
Run away
Take your chances
Open both doors and eat popcorn while watching the beautiful woman be devoured
While skipping through the woods you are confronted by a bear. You...
Run downhill, just like the discovery channel told you to
Get eaten
Take the thorn out of it's foot.
Pull Brittany Spears from behind a tree and try to engage it in a dance number.

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