How well do you Know about Organization XIII? frm KH

How much do you know about Kingdom Hearts' Organization 13? and... im bored im bored im bored1 imbored2 im bored3 im bored4 im bored5 im bored6 im bored7 im bored8 im bored9 and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24...ect.

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Created by: Arianna
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  1. okay, we'll start with the organization in general... who desined the orginal members? (hint: not the game)
  2. When was the organization originally formed?
  3. Okay! time to test if you know about the members! Who is Xemnas the nobody of?
  4. He (xemnas) controlls what nobodies?
  5. What does he use as a weapon(s)?
  6. Time for Xigibar, what does he wear?
  7. whats his nickname?
  8. what was his original name? (before he turned into a nobody)
  9. controlls what nobodys?
  10. What weapon does he use?
  11. (me: this could take a while... Sora: ya think? me: SHUT-UP!) ne way, what was Xaldins REAL name?
  12. Vexens real name? (Marluxia: its STUPID! Vexen: ... i hate you.
  13. Vexen: MY TURN TO ASK A QUESTION! Me: go ahead dunce Vexen: >:( OK! wat weapon do i carry?
  14. OKay and ill skip Lexaeus... Lexaeus: WHAT WAS THAT!? *pulls out weapon* Me: um... nothing! what weapon is he holding?
  15. Time for the hottie Zexion! wuts his nickname? Axel: I thought i was the hottie! me: u still r!
  16. WHAT is Zexys uniqe power? Axel: hmmm let me guess... HOTTNESS right? ME: close enough! ^_^
  17. ima skip some people because im bored... and put them all togther in one simple qustion, what do these people have in common, Siax, Axel,Demyx, and Luxard?
  18. Marluxia is lord of what? Axel: gay men! hahahaha! *smack* ow!
  19. He carries a what?
  20. Larxenes nickname is? Axel: Bug lady! Me: nice try but no.Axel: just put it ne way! if you dont i will!
  21. Finaly, the words youve been waiting for... Demyx: cookie time? Me: NO! Marluxia: Flower time? Axel: told ya he's...*SMACK* *bleed* ...ow. Me: no, its last question! wut is Roxas the nobody of?
  22. I lied... THIS is the last question. Who is the one who ... aww never mind just pick one!

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Quiz topic: How well do I Know about Organization XIII? frm KH