Which Organization XIII Maember are You

There Are Many Members Of The Organization Which One Are You Find Out In The "Which Organization Member Are You" Quiz... Hopefully you turn out like riku... and not the others but if you do...Hard luck

Are You Riku, Marluxia Or Larxene... Take The Quiz To Find Out... it's easy just answer the question and you will find out some questions are related to you and some are not

Created by: James
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  1. Do You Hate The Organization(Want To Overthrow Them)
  2. are you able to wield a keyblade
  3. Do You Have A Heart
  4. do you like flowers
  5. do you like vexen
  6. do you have blonde hair
  7. do you trust the organization and help them kill People Who Want To Overthrow them
  8. do you treat other members like you want to be treated
  9. do you refuse to take orders from someone with a number lover than yours
  10. is Your Proper Person Still Alive or is he/she Dead

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Quiz topic: Which Organization XIII Maember am I