How bored are you?

If you have a life, please do not take this quiz. I repeat, do not take this quiz. If you do not have a life and are bored out of your mind then take this quiz. Guaranteed to be a productive waste of your time.

Are you truly bored? Let us find out. I know you have to be bored to even consider this, but let us give your boredom a percentage rating! Of course, this rating is not very accurate but hey? who cares if you are bored. Actually, I was bored enough to give this test a semi-working rating system of your answers so they will b semi-correct.

Created by: Lucas
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  1. If a banana gave you a monkey. Would you eat the monkey?
  2. Why are you taking this quiz?
  3. This is not a question.
  4. So, you know that monkey that the banana gave you and you ate, but maybe you didn't, but in that case it doesn't matter as the monkey ate you anyways. The question is: what is 1+1?
  5. So if you went back in time and shot your grandmother and then went forward in time and married your grandmother. Who is your grandmother?
  6. Rearrange the following letters to make a word: R E B E
  7. Enter a question:
  8. What are you doing right now?
  9. What is your favourite type of pizza?
  10. Do you know how this is graded?
  11. How was your monkey?
  12. Once upon a time in a land near by, the monkey of the banana ate a banana and thought it fine. MmmMmm. What happened to that poor monkey?
  13. Ok. That was very strange. Don't you agree?
  14. Be warned: This question gives you negative points in boredom. How many points down are you?
  15. My monkey came and visited today. Do you know what he gave me? A banana. I ate that banana and went off to lala land. Where did I go when I ate that banana?
  16. Throw up
  17. Why are you still taking this quiz? Give up already!
  18. Well, we all have a limit to our boredness. If I said we only had 4 questions left after this, how would that affect you?
  19. So, while you were staying over in lala land, you met your grandmother. Apparently, she has ditched you for a banana peel.
  20. What is your name.
  21. And for the grand finale...

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Quiz topic: How bored am I?