Engagement Quiz

this test will let you know how really much you feel about your job and how much it sucks to be in your shoes. there is just so much that you can do on your own

you are really the best you really are and I am so happy that you took the time to take the quthis is just as much as I can take and more will iz. awesome

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  1. I am passionate about what I do
  2. I find my work intrinsically motivating
  3. Outside of work I think about how I could be more productive and effective in my job
  4. I get absorbed in my work and lose track of time
  5. My work energizes me
  6. Time passes quickly while I am working
  7. I am committed to my job
  8. I find myself extremely focused and engaged at work
  9. I find my work interesting
  10. I always give maximum effort in my job

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