Whats ure poo taste like

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TASMANIAN ruckman and key forward Ben Brown began the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships in brilliant style, showing agility and marking power on the way to kicking five goals against Queensland at Sydney's Blacktown in the opening round. Two games later, against Northern Territory at Aurora Stadium in Launceston, the 197-centimetre prospect's draft chances nose-dived. While running directly across the ground at half-forward, he marked just as teammate Jimmy Webster collided with him after leading up from full-forward. Brown ruptured an anterior cruciate ligament and medial ligament in his left knee during the collision. "Jimmy hit me and my knee went inwards," Brown said. "There was a lot of pain. These things happen in footy." It's standard practice for players who are being taken off th

Created by: 041098

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What coular is your poo
  2. how big is your poo
  3. How wide is your poo
  4. whats your butt shape
  5. Whats your wee colour
  6. how much food do u eat in a day
  7. how long do u wee for
  8. do u eat junk food
  9. wat ipod do u have
  10. did u like this quiz

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