Which Guy Will Be Yours (Part 4)

You Are Now Figuring Out Why William Is So Frustrating. Well In The Result Hes Not, Though. =P Its Time For You To Figure Out Whats With William! Is It So Many Issues? Or Maybe He Won't Trust You?

Which Guy Will Be Your True Love? What Will Be Your Taste And Attitude? Until Now You Could Only Wonder....But Thanks To This Wonderful Quiz, In A Few Minutes You Will Find Out!

Created by: Dendea

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  1. You Try To Find William Everywhere. But When You Went To The Buffet Room, You Saw Him Cooking Up Food. "Oh. I Didn't Expect Someone Coming In. What Can I Do For You?".
  2. "Oh." Says William Being Surprised. "After He Was Locked Up In The Supply Closet, We Found Him There And We Asked Him To Join Us To Be Part Of The Gang. We Remodeled The Security Mansion. It Took Us 6 Months. That Was When We Took You Here".
  3. You Leave William Alone To Cook Up Food For Dinner. Its Time For You To Find Cory! I Know I Said William Is Your Last Destination But It Seems Like Cory Warmed Up! =P. You Find Him In The Beach Setting Up Beach Towels. "Oh. Hello, ____". Says Cory. "What Brings You Here?".
  4. "Ok. After We Remodeled The Mansion, We Took You Here". "Thats The End Of The Story". Cory Sweeps Out Of The Beach Leaving You Alone. You Don't Appreciate How He Ran Off. What Do You Do?
  5. You Go Back To All The Guys But They Don't Know Anything Else. Looks Like Your First Mission Is Complete. Meanwhile, Its Dinner Time And You Smell Food. What Is The Delicious Smell?
  6. You Are Talking About Relationship With The Guys. "Thats A Good Category To Talk About" Says William Smiling. Jack Says "I Think You Should Choose Which Guy Would You Be Close Friends With. Whos Your Decision?
  7. All The Guys Smile. Its Time To Go To Sleep In Your Bedroom. You Had Trouble Sleeping At 4:00 AM. Then You Hear A Music Right Across The Hallway. It Was William Playing A Song. "What Are You Doing Up Late?" He Asks All Surprised.
  8. "=O I Thought You Were Wondering About Alex's Past?". He Doesn't Seem So Happy. William Closes The Piano Player And Goes To Sleep Leaving You All Alone. The Next Day You Find Everyone But William Happy. "Today Is Fun Day!" Says Steve. "Im Not In The Mood". Says William.
  9. All The Guys Have Fun Going To Alot Of Places. Seems Like William Lost His Excitement. What Do You Think Will Happen Next?
  10. Well Thats It For Today, Folks! Come Back For Part 5 And 6!

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