What Do You Think I Should Wear To School?

There are many people that have great taste and many that don't. So if you want to know if you have good taste, take my quiz! Good Luck............:D ;D

Do you have what it takes to find out if you have taste or not? Are You ready! It's not hard. I promise. Comeon, go on. Take my quiz. Go on! Just go!!! I'm not about to wait all day. Go!!

Created by: Kaylyn
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  1. Do you think you have Good Taste?
  2. What Dou " You" wear to school?
  3. What Kind Of Shoes do you think I should wear?
  4. What Kind Of Pants Do you think I should wear?
  5. What Kind Of Shirts do you think I should wear?
  6. If I were to wear High Heels, what color do you suggest?
  7. What Kind Of Dress Do you think I should wear?
  8. Do you think colorful outfits are prettier or one whole color?
  9. I couldn't think of other questions so Whats Your Crush's name?
  10. Random question: Iiiiiihhfhfdgjffjnrdssdnhfst

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Quiz topic: What do I Think I Should Wear To School?