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  • Guess which answer I got! That's right- jeans and a T-shirt! Jk I got soft pants like the rest of you :P.

    Lizzzy Jan 19 '15, 8:32PM
  • My crushes name is Bradley and his brother is Braxton Hahahah

    Kk69 Jan 4 '15, 9:52PM
  • You said I have very little taste, I don't even know you, almost of your questions seemed totally irrelevant, too.

    Inloveandstuff Feb 10 '13, 11:11PM
  • Most people got soft pants me too:)

    BadBihh Feb 1 '13, 7:56PM
  • Soft pants? You said i have very little taste-_-

    Animalz18 Jan 20 '13, 4:09PM
  • I cannot believe that I got soft pants. I think that she made do that everyone would get soft pants.

    horselover888 Dec 18 '12, 8:29PM
  • SOFT PANTS!!! I like to wear shorts a tank-top a hoodie and some vans!

    MidnightMoon Nov 16 '12, 12:01AM
  • Everybody got soft pants that took this quiz!! That is jacked up!!

    Nonneyes Nov 14 '12, 10:22PM
  • Soft pants? This quiz can **** off! xx

    Dododotty Nov 12 '12, 2:51PM
  • Really? Soft pants? I normally like wearing jeans and an off shoulder top...

    VAMPxKITTY Oct 27 '12, 2:10PM
  • Soft pants?

    Catt Oct 7 '12, 8:06PM
  • Soft Pants? WTF? Oh and Btw the only reason i wear jeans and a tee 2 school is coz they are part of my uniform!! A pair of blue jeans, a white school golf shirt with the school logo and white tekkies. And I dont Have a Bad taste in fashion, I have had many people who have been AMAZED by my good fashion sense!

    DeproGirl Sep 27 '12, 4:49PM
  • soft pants? really? wearing Areopostale and hollister doesn't make u stylish -_- just another clone of everyone else...

    yellowbell Sep 2 '12, 11:04PM
  • i think soft pants are nice thats what i wear to school well really i don't go anywhere i am home-schooled :P

    GoneWithTheWind Aug 21 '12, 10:29AM
  • That quiz was s---. I dress much better than "soft pants". Just because I don't wear your dumb--- Aeropostle and Hollister junk, which doesn't mean that I have bad taste.
    By the way: Aeropostle is always basically the same clothes, just in different colors. They all say "Aero" all over them, and it's hideous.

    PushToPlay Aug 6 '12, 10:07AM
  • Sorry to say this, but I think I dress better than the soft pants kind of thing. I should have got jeans and a t-shirt.

    NachozVsCupcakes Jul 5 '12, 7:15PM
  • That was a waste of time. And I have amazing taste! :0

    HalleysComet Jun 26 '12, 7:46AM
  • that was a pretty good quiz.

    dracobb Jun 20 '12, 9:41PM
  • Lolz, the question about your crushes name, the first one was his name :)

    Samantha2332 Jun 20 '12, 4:00PM
  • WHAT THE ****
    my taste is awesome and dont you wave yo finger at me girl

    Emma LAWL Jun 19 '12, 12:16PM
  • What the heck are "soft pants"
    It says they're not sweatpants, so don't tell me that.

    Princess Bigfoot Dec 29 '11, 3:02PM

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