dumpster do over

are you stuck up, or cuddly? strong or sensitive? would you turn down a date(the horror!)dumpster do over is the quiz to take to find out! you gotta love it!

are YOU stuck up(no offense) would YOU turn down a date?!(GASP!)are you a shoulder to cry on or the one crying? in this quiz you'll find out, ya gotta luv it

Created by: rebecca

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how do others describe you?
  2. if someone calls you a klutz, you respond by,
  3. the lights go out. you...
  4. a fab new store opens up! you,
  5. your fav color is..
  6. your hairdo would be described as...
  7. a cute boy asks you out, and you...
  8. you'd rather swim in..
  9. a book you'd likely read would be...
  10. whats your fav animal?

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