How Trashy are you?

There are lots of trashy people out there, but few are complete dumpster diving rednecks. What is trashy? trashy can be skanky or it could mean that the webbing between your toes wasnt just random it happened for a reason.

So do you think that this quiz will answer those many questions you had about the webbing between your toes or that extra finger? try it out and see for yourself this quiz should only take a few minutes to take. If it takes any longer, try going back to the 5th grade

Created by: JOSE

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  1. Do you have babies just for a check from the gov't?
  2. How many babies do you have out of wedlock?
  3. Do you get angry when stores will not accept food stamps?
  4. Where do you shop?
  5. Has anyone in your family ever been abducted by aliens?
  6. Have you ever used the saying "git-r-done"?
  7. Do you watch the blue collar comedy tour?
  8. Have you ever been to prison?
  9. Have you you ever thought that your cousin by blood OR marriage was good looking?
  10. Do you believe in the saying "why go down the street when i can just walk down the hall"?

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Quiz topic: How Trashy am I?