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Hi! I am ilovekittens! I love kittens! I think they are adorable! Anyway, I do not know what to say. I'm just gonna say...Enjoy this part of "Drop of Secrets"!

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  1. It has been twenty minutes and everyone is sitting at the bench with a bottle of water besides me and Drake. We were still running and how much did I run? I ran one-hundred and sixty laps. I never ran that long before in my life. When I go outside with grandpa I always ran maybe about 80 laps in the playground. I keep changing every time I am around Drake...it's just...weird. And Drake doesn't seem tired at all, neither do I. It's the vine that keeps me going. Wait no. It's Drake that keeps me going. He make my vine grow and the vine makes me feel stronger.
  2. I run forward and hear a small "Cling!" In the back. I look back and run at the same time. It was a small penny. I look back and suddenly hit a girl that was walking across the gym with a water bottle. I fall and she falls too. But did I hit the ground? No. Drake slid under me and I hit him with my head. The girl looks at me and smiles with an evil smile. Like she was doing this on purpose. But then her smile fades away when she looks at Drake. "Woah-woah-woah!!" Mr.Gorge comes over with a very serious face. "Off! Off!" I get off of Drake and stand up, wiping my lap with my hands and pushing my hair behind my ear. "What were you doing?" Mr.Gorge asks. "I was just filling my water bottle with water from the water fountain!" The girl smiles with a small, quiet laugh. "Did I ever tell you to go across the gym to get water? NO! Now go back! You can do this at the end of the day." The girl walks back with her water bottle in her hand to where she was. "Okay. You two, keep going. I paused it for you." I look back and see another girl picking up the penny from the ground, staring at me with bright, green eyes and a smile.
  3. Drake and I continue to do the pacer until the bell rang. I grabbed my backpack that was at the corner of the gym and left with no sweat or pain. My next period, which is math, is very hard to find. I had to walk around the school a couple times until I finally found it. I walk into the classroom with my nervous face, just trying to act normal. My classmates were animals! They were jumping around, throwing paper airplanes, screaming, how can someone live in here?! I sit down at a spot in the back, taking out my binders and notebooks out of my purse that grandpa gave me. "Shh!! Silence!" My math teacher says. Everyone continues to do what they do like they never heard anything.
  4. "Silence please!" Nothing worked. "SIIILLEENNCCE!!" Everything became quit as if nothing happened and sit down on their desks. "Finally! Goodness! You guys almost gave me a hard attack! I hope we can do better tomorrow." My math teacher folds her hands and smiles. "Anyway, I am Ms.Claire! Your math teacher! I am so excited for having you guys here today! It makes me happy. BUT NOT WHEN SOMEONE IS CHIT'CHATTING IN THE BACK." Ms.Claire looks over at the two people in the back, chatting with each other. They both look at Ms.Claire and then they both stopped, clearing their throats. I look around but there is no sign of Drake. I guess he must be at a different period. Or maybe he is doing something else? Never mind. That is not important to me right now. But what is important is listening to Ms.Claire. I might get yelled at if I space out.
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