Draco Malfoy Love Story Chapter 4



Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You went to your common room because Harry, Ron and Hermoine talked non-stop of Sirius Black. You hung out with Luna for the rest of the day. She talked non-stop about nargles. You didnt understand why they called her Looney Lovegood. There was some sense to her nonsense.
  2. After dinner you snuck to the willow tree you climbed up a branch not acknowledging the shadowy figure. "Pheonix?" "Draco? hi..." "Hi" "soooo...." "I'm sorry about the other day" "It wasn't your fault Draco" you said quickly. You were hanging uspide down hands and legs attach to the tree. He slid down and was now facing you. "Pheonix-I-like-you" "Draco-" he cut you of by grabbing your face and kissing you.
  3. It was you first kiss. You both pulled back gasping for breath. You slid down facing him. He smirked and pulled you in again.
  4. Skip to the next day. Proffessor Mcgonagal talked non-stop about Hogesmade. A note flew on your desk. "Wanna go with me? -Draco" you looked up and nodded. It was going to be your first date.
  5. Skipping forward to Hogesmade- It was finall the day. You got into jeans and and a red hoddie. You left your hair out. You ran with your white converse on and joined to line. You met Draco at the three broom sticks. You talked alot and there was alot of laughs. You finally left to visit the shreiking shack. You held his hnd and he flinched. "Too soon?" you laughed
  6. You finally got there and you leaned on the fence and Draco kissed you. "Come on Ron" "Coming Hermoin-Pheonix" "Hi ron!" "What are you doing with him?" Ron snarled. You rolled your eyes. You walked off with Draco.
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  8. I'm sorry to say but Im going to stop the draco quiz here
  9. sorry for inconveinence I hope you'd understand
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