Draco Malfoy love story Chapter 2

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Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. Hi guys recap: year three Detention with Draco. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. You quickly finished dinner and went to your common room to get ready for detention. You get in jeans, red shirt and a black jumper. Nothing to fancy nothing to casual. You made your to Snape's office. You heard someone behind you. You glanced and it was draco. He smirked and you:
  3. You finally arrive at Snapes office the door was open but he wasn't in there. Draco picked up a note. "Dear Pheonix and Draco. I have to take important matters if you leave before I come back you have double dettention-Snape" You went over and sat on a chair. "So...." "What Malfoy?" "Just trying to make conversation" "Did you honestly spill acid on Snapes robe on purpose or actually accidentally?" "I have my reasons" you rolled your eyes. You closed your eyes.
  4. You felt Draco sit next to you. He puthis arm around your back. You flinched a bit at this unexpected movement and opened your eyes. He didn't move his hand. You sort of thought it was nice so you sort of lened into him.
  5. Snape came in and you sat up. "Your punishment is to decide which bowls are mouldy and have to throw out. It was 15 minutes to midnight when Snape let you go. Draco walked next to you. "So what was the whole arm thing about?" "No reason" he smiled. You went to your common room and flopped on your bed.
  6. After Herbology you went to DADA, where you sat next to Ron and Harry. "That was amazing!" Ron exclaimed. "Draco got what he deserved" "Uhm.....Sorry to interrupt but what happened to Draco?" They both turned and stared. "Uhhh....Hello?" "H-he's in the hospital wing. He was being a prick and the Hippogriff attacked him..." Harry stammered. "I'm Pheonix by the way. Pheonix blackshaw" "Ron. Ron Weasley" "Harry. Harry Potter." "Nice to meet you!" you smiled.
  7. DADA went really quickly and you had five minutes to get to potions. You sprinted there. Snape wasn't aware of Draco's injury. After class you went up to Snape. "Excuse me Professor but Draco has been in an incident I was wondering if I could borrow some of the things we learnt and hand it to him?" Snape nodded and handed you the homework you went up to the Hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey let you in to see Draco.
  8. He was talking to Crabbe and Goyle. "If word gets out that I like Pheonix you will both regret it! Understood?" the minions nodded and walked away.
  9. "Hi Draco" "for the last time Parkinson go-Sorry Pheonix thought you were Pansey" "Be thankful I'm not" you laughed. "You handed him his homework." "So how'd you get attacked" "I'm just sick of Potter getting his way all the time" you hugged him.
  10. "W-what was that for?" he stuttered turning red. "Cause your not dead" you said. He wrapped his arm around you and you stayed there for a while before pulling back. "Want to spend the free period with me I'm allowed to leave?" "Sure" you beamed.

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