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This is about a girl that fell in love with Draco and is the daughter of Sirius Black. Right now she's dealing with a bunch of drama for her eyes change color from time to time. Could you be like Sirius Black, your father? Are you a werewolf? Find out soon

Anyways, sorry if there are misspelled or repeated words. This was the quiz that took a bunch of my time. I have been watching all of the HP movies lately. That's right my uncle has all the DVD's. I love Draco!

Created by: sam singer17

  1. You are sitting in your room, in the basement of your home, reading a book in the extremely dim light. All of a sudden an owl flies in through the window and lands next to you. They had been coming and coming but your Aunt always burt up the letters that they dropped off. You jump, look at it and notice it has a letter in it's claws. When you grab it the owl flies away."Amanda! What was that noise! You better not be making a mess down there or no dinner," you heard a high pitched voice scream. You roll your eyes and yell,"You never even feed me at all Auntie!!" You heard stomps coming down the stairs and you quickly hid the letter under your pillow. Then you see a woman with flame red hair. "Amanda, did you just back talk me?!" she said as she choked you. Trying to get some air you say, "N- no, A-aunt C-cecilia. I-I didn't." she let go ,took a big gulp of her beer and nodded her. She ran upstairs and slammed the door. The light, that barely worked, fell from the ceiling and smashed on the ground. You looked for the matches for your oil lamp and lit it up. Even that was brighter than the old light bulb. You quickly got out the letter and read through it quickly. "What the? Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? That is the most fake thing I've ever heard of in my entire life. That is just classic." you said while laughing on your mattress. You folded up the letter, put it in a box of letters and put it in your drawer. Suddenly your aunt came storming down the stairs yelling,"Amanda Black! You did not just mention Witches!? There is no such thing as magic you little maggot! You are grounded for even mentioning it! You can't do whatever maggots like you do! Now, go make me and my beautiful Sasha some dinner! No more food for you, is that clear?!" You trembled in fear and nodded your head. You ran upstairs and went to the kitchen. You started cooking while saying, "Happy birthday to me. If father were out of prison he wouldn't treat me this way. I wonder when he get's out of prison anyway. Whatever.(You'll get to see him in 4th year.)" As you were setting the table, somebody was banging on the door. Sasha, your dreadful cousin came running down the stairs and opened the door. You heard her scream and went to go see what was going on. You looked puzzled went you saw a rather tall and large man with messy long hair and a fluffy beard. Cecilia came into the room and said,"What do you want?!" The man smiled a barely noticeable smile and said,"Hello, I'm Hagrid. I'm here to pick up Ms.Amanda Black to say Happy Birthday and I need to take her to Hogwarts to learn about magic and ect." Cecilia was outraged and said," NO! Absolutely not! She will never leave this house to go to some magic school that the horrible man that went to prison, went to! Magic isn't even real! SO good bye." Hagrid raised his brow and used his umbrella/wand to give Sasha Cat paws for hands. You began to laugh and Sasha ran upstairs. Hagrid looked at you and asked,"Have you ever made anything happen when you were mad or worried?" You smiled and nodded. Hagrid smiled and said," Well that's because you're a witch, Amanda! Of course not in the bad way, how muggles use it." "Excuse me Hagrid. Not to be rude but wat is a muggle?" you asked politely. "It's a non-magical creature." he replied. Finally your aunt said,"I she will not go and that is final! Tough we are not her real family, I demand that she not go!" Hagrid used the umbrella to mute her voice and said," We best be off now, we have to pick up one other person." you nodded and went outside, apparently it was raining quite hard. He got on his motorcylce and you followed. When he started the machine it started to fly and soon you were at a light house. Hagrid started banging on the door and soon it fell over. You stepped inside and saw a little kid on the bed and I guess his parents at the stairs. They were saying stuff to Hagrid but you weren't listening. You were looking a boy with glasses hiding. Suddenly Hagrid said, "Harry, I haven't seen you since you were a baby! You've gotten a litte wider than I expected." The boy trembled and said,"I-I-I'm n-not Harry." The boy with glasses stepped out from his hiding place and siad,"I am." Hagrid looked at him and said,"Of course you are. Oh I have something for you and Amanda." Harry looked at you and waved. You waved and Hagrid handed you both a box. Harry opened it and a cake was inside it said: HAPEE BIRTHDAY HARRY AND Amanda. You both said thank you and Harry set it down on the table. Then what happened before you left happened and Hagrid gave the fat kid a pig tail. Then you three left and went to London.
  2. Harry read off the list of what you needed and you asked,"Hagrid, are we going to get all this stuff in London?" Hagrid looked at you and said,"If you know where to look." You and Harry followed him into a bar filled with people. People were staring at you and Harry. The man at the bar said something to Hagrid and he said, "No thanks Tom. I'm here on official Hogwarts buisness." then he introduced you and Harry to Professer Quirell. "This is Professor Quirell, he is your Defense Against Dark Arts Teacher." Hagrid said. Quirell said, "A-Amanda B-black and H-Harry P-P-Potter, n-not th-that y-you'll n-n-need t-to learn a-about it." Then you walked through the back door. Harry and you looked at each other confused. "Hagrid, how did those people know us?" Harry asked. You nodded your head and Harid said, "Well Amanda is know because of her father Sirius Black and Harry-." You didn't listen to what he said about Harry and you asked, "Hagrid what is it about my father that made me famous?" "Well you see Amanda, I can't tell you at this young of an age. Now we need to get your school supplies now." he said. Then he used his umbrella and tappped on the brick wall. When he was done the wall opened up and he said, "Welcome to Diagon Alley. We will et your supplies here." You weren't listening to Hagrid as you were walking, you were just lookin and enjoying your surroundings. Then what got your attention wass when Harry asked, "Hagrid, how will we buy the supplies if we don't have any money?" you looked at Hagrid and he said,"Well we are going to get some from the wizard bank of course." Then you stopped at a large building that you guessed was the bank. You followed Hagrid in and stared at all the small creatures. You turned to Hagrid and asked, "What are these things?" He looked down at you and said, "They are goblins, not the nicest creatures, so you best stay close." you nodded your head and walked along until you reached the desk. " Amanda Black and Harry potter would like to make withdraws from their accounts." Hagrid said. The goblin looked down at you and said," Do they have their keys?" Hagrid started to look around in his pockets. A little later he pulled out two golden keys and placed them on the desk. "Professer Dumbledore wanted me to give you this," He gave the goblin a letter, "it's about the you know what in the you know where." he nodded and you went to a place with a nice goblin in a cart that took you to get your money from the vaults. First you stopped at Harry's he had a large amount of money. Next you stopped at Yours you also had a lot. Next you stopped at an old looking vault. Harry curiously asked"What's in there Hagrid?" "I can't tell you Harry." When the goblin opened the door you expected there to be a very valuable item, but instead there was a small pouch with something in it. You and Harry remained silent. Then you left to bu your stuff. Few minutes later, the last thing you both needed was a wand. Hagrid left you two and pointed to a wand shop. You and Harry went in and no one was there. "Hello?" Harry said. Then a man on a ladder showed up and said, "Awe, Amanda Black and Harry Potter. I was wondering when I would see you two. It only seems like yesterday when your parents came here to buy their first wands." Then he handed Harry a wand, "Give it a wave." Then Harry shook the wand a little then boxes exploded. "Aparentally not." Then he gave Harry another wand and you hid be hind a table waiting for something to happen. When Harry waved tat one a galss vase exploded. You stayed where you were. "No, no definitely not, no matter." the man said. Then searched for a different wand. When he grabbed one he said,"I remember now." and he gave it to Harry. Suddenly it glowed and ect. "Curious." said the man. "What's curious?" Harry asked. But you didn't listen. All you heard was, gave you that scar. "Now how about Ms. Black?" Then he went behind the counter and searched for a wand. As soon as you had it in your hands the same happened to you as what happened to Harry. " The Hawthorn wood and with a unicorn core, just as I suspected. Same thing as Mister Draco Malfoy and others." You ignored that and said your thanks. Suddenly Hagrid was tapping on the window saying , "Harry, Amanda, happy birhtday." He was holding two snow white owls in his hand.
  3. Fast Forward: Hagrid dropped you and Harry off at the train station. He gave you your tickets and left. "Harry, I just noticed this now, but our tickets say Platform 9 ¾. There's no such thing, is there?" you said confused. "I'm not sure Amanda." he said. You two looked at the platforms, It only went form 9 to 10. You decided to ask someone so you asked," Excuse me sir, but do you know where we can find platform 9 ¾?" The man looked at you like you were crazy and said, " 9 ¾? Are you trying to be funny?" then he walked away. Then you heard a lady say muggles and you decided to follow them. They were a family of children with red hair and freckles. The woman said," You first Percy, go ahead." then one of the children started to run and went through the wall. You looked at Harry quizzically and he looked the same. Then the woman said, "You next Fred." Then one of the boys, who was a twin said," He's not Fred, I am." and the other said, "And you call yourself our mother." She sighed and said,"Sorry George." and the boy got ready to run through the wall. Before he ran he said, "I'm only joking, I am Fred." then he ran through followed by his twin. Then Harry shook his head and started to roll th cart towards them and you followed. "Excuse me, c-can you help us-." The woman giggled and said," Get on to the platform? Don't worry dear, it's Ron's first year to Hogwarts as well and all you need to do is run through the wall in between platforms 9 and 10." You and Harry nodded your heads. "Thank you." you said. Then Harry ran through and you followed. Soon you were looking at a train that said: Hogwarts Express. You and Harry were amazed. Then you unloaded your things and got your seats in a compartment. Soon the train started and you were off. Soon you saw the kid from the platform and he said, "Excuse me, do you mind? Everywhere else is full." You smiled and looked at Harry. He said, "No not at all." The kid smiled and took a seat. "I'm Ron by the way, Ron Weasly." he said smiling. You and Harry looked at each other and you nudged his shoulder and he said,"I'm Harry, Harry Potter and this is my close friend Amanda Black" Ron looked at Harry in awe and said, "So-so it's true. Do you mean you really do have the- the-." he was making hand motions around his head. "The what?" Harry asked. "The scar." Ron whispered. Harry smiled and showed him the scar on his forehead. Ron stared in awe and said,"Wicked." you rolled your eyes and paid no attention. Suddenly a lady with a cart asked, "Anything off the trolley dears?" Ron shook his head and said, "No thanks, I'm all set." You looked at Harry to say that you were hungry, but before you could say anything he reached in his bag and said, "We'll take the lot." You took some coins out of your pocket and handed them to Harry. That way you both could split it. The woman smiled and gave you the stuff. Ron started eating away and so did you. Little later Harry looked at the Berty's every flavor beans? There's chocolate and poppy?" Ron said,"There's also spinich, fish and tripe." Harry tasted it and took it out. You looked at a box with chocolate frogs in it. You asked," These aren't real frogs are they?" Ron shook his head and said, "It's just a spell. Besides it's the card you want. I've got some." Then you opened the box. The frog jumped onto the window and Ron said, "Watch it." Then it jumped out the window. Ron shook his head and said, "That's rotten luck." You took out the card and said, "I've got Salazar Slytherin." "I've got two of him." Ron said. Harry looked at your card and said, " Hey, he's gone." "Well you can't expect him to hang around can you?" You shook your head. "This is Scabbers by the way. Pathetic, isn't he. Fred gave me spells to turn him yellow. Want to see." You and Harry nodded your heads. Ron took out his wand and as he was about to recite the spell a girl wih fluffly hair came in asking, "Has anyone seen a toad? Some one named Neville has lost it." Ron shook his head and said no. The girl suddenly said, "Oh are you doing magic? Let me see then." Ron cleared his throat and said a spell and nothing happened. Are you sure it's a real spell? Because I've been trying a few simple ones my self. Then she moved you and sat in front of Harry. She took out her wand, pointed it at Harry's glasses and said, " Oculus reparo." Suddenly his glasses were fixed. "That's better isn't it?" she said. Ron ad Harry exchanged looks. "Woah you're Harry Potter! I'm Hermione Granger" She looked at Ron, who was still eating with his mouth full,"And you are?" Full mouthed Ron said, "Ron Weasly." Hermoine looked at him strangely and said, "Pleasure. What about you?" She looked at you. You cleared your throat and said, "I'm Amanda Black. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Excuse me, but I'm going to change into my robes." Then you walked to the washroom with your robes in your hand.
  4. On your way you tripped over somebody's foot. "Watch where you put your foot you nimrod! If only I knew how to use magic I would so-." The boy inturrupted, "You'll what? Little girl. You're Amanda Black aren't you?" You got up and saw a cute boy with short brown hair. You fixed your hair, got up, and said, "That's for me to know and for you, to find out." The boy got up and said, "I'm Oliver, Oliver Wood." You put your had out for him to shake and said, " Yes indeed I am Amanda Black, Wood. Now if you will excuse me I must go change into my robes, then later return to my compartment. It was a pleasure meeting you. Good day." He shook your hand and you continued to walk to the washroom. Then a boy with blonde hair and cute ( And I mean really cute) blue-silver eyes blocked your path. You rolled your eyes and said, "Out of my way,now!" He smirked and said, "You're fistey, I like that." He put his hand out, "I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy, Pure blood. Don't go making the wrong friends." You giggled and shook his hand. "What is your name?" he asked. You cleared your throat and said, " Amanda Black, not sure if I'm a pure blood. I think I like you too and don't worry I won't be making friends with any wrong people. Besides, I just made a rather cute one right now." He smiled a genuine smile and he said, " Black sounds like your from the blood line of Sirius Black, pure blood. I hope you get into the Slytherin house that way we can be great friends." You smiled and said, " Thank you Draco. I hope I get into the same house as you. If you could let go of my hand that would be wonderful." he blushed and let go of your hand. "I'll see you around, Mr. Malfoy." you said before stepping into the washroom." You locked the door and changed quickly. When you were done you started to walk back to the compartment. Suddenly the train stopped, fell into a compartment and landed on somebody's lap. " You okay Amanda?" you heard someone say. You opened your eyes and saw that you were with Draco. You smiled and said, "I'm fine now that you're here." He helped you up and you thanked him. Then he introduced you to Crabbe and Goyle. You walked with him outside. When you got out you saw Hagrid and went up to him. "Amanda! How was the trip? Make any friends?" he said. You smiled, looked at Draco (next to him was Crabbe and Goyle) and nodded. "Follow me to the boats now!" Hagrid said. You sat in the same boat as Draco and looked at Hogwarts as you got closer and closer. When you got inside an old lady greeted you by saying, "Hello Students I'm Professer McDougal I will be your Transfiguration teacher. You will enter through these doors behind me but befor you take your seats you must be storted." Then a boy went up front to get his toad Trevor. As he did he yelled, "Trevor!" Then McDougal continued, "You will be be sorted either into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin." she looked your way when she said Slytherin. You smiled and when she left Draco went up to Harry and you followed. " You're Harry Potter, this is Crabbe and Goyle. I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." Then he pushed you up in front of him. You waved at Harry and he waved back. "This is Amanda Black." As he said your name and Harry's name whispers went through the large crowd of people. Ron laughed at Draco's name. Draco smirked and said, " You think my name is funny do you? Red hair and a hand me down robe. You must be a Weasly." You whispered to Draco, "Draco stop it, please." Suddenly McDougal came and you went to your original spot.
  5. Seconds later you followed Mcdougal into the great hall. Once you were all at the front McDougal said, "As I call your name please come up and sit on the chair so you can be sorted into your houses. Now, Hermione Granger!" Hermione went up to the chair and Mcdougal put some sort of hat on her head. After a little bit the hat screamed, "Gryffindor!" The Gryffindors cheered and Hermione took a seat at the table. McDougal took a look at the list and said, "Draco Malfoy!" He sat on the chair and the hat never touched his head and yelled, "Slytherin!" You cheered along with the Slytherins. "Amanda Black!" you nervously sat on the chair. "Ooh sharp with the tounge I can tell. But, you are very loyal when it comes to friends. Smart but not too smart. You could do well in Ravenclaw." you heard in your mind. Sounding desprate, in your mind, you said, "Oh please not Ravenclaw I must be with people I actually know like Hermione or the sweeet loveable Draco Malfoy." "Okay, fine. But, I didn't even have to touch Malfoy to know that he was a Slytherin are you sure?" The hat said. "Yes I'm very sure." you said very sweetly. The hat then said, "You are a very sweet girl when people don't make you angry. You would make a fine Gryffindor." You shook your head and said "Please put me in Slytherin." The hat said, "Well then." You smiled and the hat yelled, "Slytherin!" Before you got up and sat next to Draco you heard Harry say, "Don't turn into one of them Amanda, remember who you're friends are." When you sat next to Draco he smiled at you and said, "I'm glad you weren't in Gryffindor that would be just horrible. But, I would try my hardest to remain your friend. But of course, secretly." You smiled and watched as the first year students, one by one were called and placed into their houses. Later Dumbledore did a speech but, you didn't listen. When he said "Let the feast begin" You didn't eat anything. You were used to being starved to death, so why start not being starved now?
  6. This was last year of course, when Harry defeated Quirrel, a follower of Voldemort who tried to take the Philosipher's stone. Now your're back home with Autie Cecelia and Sasha. Snowbell, your owl was hooting crazily. She wanted to fly and be free. You hadn't sent a letter or recived any from your friends all summer soon it would be time to go back to Hogwarts and you would get to see Draco again. Last year you had a gigantic crush on him and he had a crush on you as well but whatever. You two were only 11 last year. Today was a day to show that it had been a year that you had been told that you were a witch. "Amanda! Come up here now!" you ran down stairs for, Cecelia moved you from the small packed basement to the little larger attic. "Yes Auntie?" you said. She scowled and said, "Get that bird to shut it's mouth our you'll be out on the streets or worse back in the basement." You started to worry so you said, "But auntie she needs to be free. Just for an hour would be fine for her!" She drank some wine and said, "Fine, but no writing letters to your freakish friends." You smiled and thanked her. You ran upstairs to let Snowbell out of her cage and secretly write letters. You first wrote to Draco then to Ron, to Hermione, to Harry thhen to your best Gryffindor friend, Seamus.
  7. Dear Draco, Why have you not written to me all summer? I've missed you so. I hope your summer has been better than mine. Luckily you don't have to live with a bunch of stupid muggles. Don't worry I am pure blood it's just well you know. Mother is dead and my father. I don't know about my father. I cannot wait to go back to Hogwarts to see you and the others. Yours truly, Amanda Black Dear Ron, Tell the twins I said hi. Have you heard from Harry lately? Also, why haven't you written me yet? Give your mum a big hug for me. Can't wait to see you at Hogwarts again. Let's hope that I don't end up in the hospital wing for playing a live game of wizard chess again. See you in a few more days! Your friend, Amanda Black. Dear Hermione, I hope you're doing well. How come you haven't writeen me? It's been ages since I've seen you. Tell your parents I said hello. As much as Draco knows I live with my dreadful muggle aunt. Luckily, not all muggles are dreadfully horid. Like your parents they are very nice. Can't wait to see you at Hogwarts. Have a good rest of the summer! Love, Amanda Black Harry, I hope you're doing fine back with your "family". I'm not doing very well. Can't wait to see you again. I don't blame you for not writing. I bet it's because of your Autn and Uncle. Luckily for me my aunt is drunk and is letting me let Snowbell fly. But she said no writing letters but here I am writing letters to my friends. See you at Hogwarts! Love your alike friend, Amanda Black P.S I hope you get this letter and your uncle doesn't burn it. Seamus Finnegen, How you been love? How's your mum? Why haven't you written me? I hope your having a great summer. Life without any friends is horrible. It feels like whenever you blow something up. Horrible, dreadful, unatrual, and bland. See you when we get back to Hogwarts! Your best friend, Amanda Black
  8. Right as you let Snowbell free to deliver the letters Sasha said, "You know cousin, I actually want you to go so I don't have to live with the likes of you. Every. Single. Day. Once you're gone I'm not going to be living with a dirty. Little. Freak." You turned around and faced her. "Leave me alone Sasha. I'm glad that I'm going because I won't live with kitty paws! I won't have to live through the torture of you and Cecelia everyday! I would be with you or your alcoholic mother! I will be free to do what I want. I can do anything instead of being bossed around by a b**** and her little pup. No I would be will all my friends and people that actually care about me!" you said practically screaming. Your aunt heard you and she said, "How dare you speak to my Sasha that way! You little, freak! My Sasha is not a dog nor am I a b****! You shall not go back to that school! You will stay here and serve Sasha and I until you rot and die! I am going to call Stanley to bar up your window to make sure you can't go anywhere at all." You nodded your head and ran upstairs. You jumped on your bed and started to let the tears, that were yearning to get out, fall. You picked up a a box filled with everyone's pictures and took them out. "I guess I won't be seeing you guys again." you picked up a picture of Draco, " I love you so much only if you knew that and I wasn't too shy to tell you." You looked at the picture teary eyed for it was a picture of you two having fun under the tree next to the black lake. You looked out your window and Stanley just finished up putting up the bars. You held the picture close and rested your head on your pillow, then drifted into slumber. Minutes later you heard a loud noise coming from outside. You quickly got up and looked out the window. Then you saw Ron, Harry, and the twins in a flying car. You smiled and Ron latched a hook onto the window. One of the twins backed the car up to pulled the bars off. Luckily, Cecelia and Sash are eating out and not home. You opened the window and got your suitcase. You threw it in the trunk of the car and jumped in to join the boys. You looked at Harry and said, "Happy birthday Harry." He smiled and said, "Happy birthday Amanda." You smiled and gave him a hug. "Happy birthday Amanda and Harry." Ron said. You smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. You told Everyone about what had happened. Something similar happened to Harry but he met a house elf and he got him into trouble.
  9. By morning you got to the Weasly household. You got in through the window trying to be noticed or waking anyone up. A few seconds later Mrs. Weasly comes running in yelling at the boys but all you payed attention to was the part when she said, "I don't blame you or Harry, of course." The rest was just blurred out. You sat down and stared at the food on your plate. You didn't even notice Mr. Weasly come in and you didn't notice him. You were just lost in your thoughts. Draco seemed to be the only thing on your mind at the second. Fred snapped you back to reality, "Hellooo, earth to Amanda. You there little girl?" you shook your head and said, "Sorry I was just thinking about 'Him'. Now what did I miss?" Mr. Weasly said, "Oh I asked for your name but if Fred says that you're the famous Amanda Ron talks about I know who you are." You smiled and suddenly Snowbell flew onto the window sill with a brown bird that hit the window. She had Ron and Harry's letters in her mouth. You grabbed them and gave them to the two boys. "Yeah these were meant for you two." you said still thinking about Draco. George grabbed the letter and read it in a girly voice, " Dear Ron, Tell the twins I said hi. Have you heard from Harry lately? Also, why haven't you written me yet? Give your mum a big hug for me. Can't wait to see you at Hogwarts again. Let's hope that I don't end up in the hospital wing for playing a live game of wizard chess again. See you in a few more days!Your friend, Amanda Black." "Hello!" Fred said childishly. "Well I just heard from Harry right now and I have written you. Didn't you get the letters?" Ron said. You shook your head and sighed. "Not even one from, Draco." you said sadly. " I wonder why that is. I thought Ron said that he had a thing for you." said Mrs. Weasly. You smiled and laughed. Suddenly an 3 owls flew to the window. Percy took the letters and one by one they flew away. He looked at it and said, "They're for Amanda." You took it and said thanks. You looked at one and knew it was from Draco. You practically ripped it open and began to read.
  10. Dearest Amanda, I have been writing haven't you gotten them? Also, I've missed you also. I feel bad that you live with those muggles. One day I hope you can come and visit one day. I'll see you when we get to Hogwarts. Signed, Draco. {end of letter} You held it to your chest and sighed happily.
  11. Next you Read One that looked like it was from Seamus: Amanda, I have written! Maybe your freakish mother has hidden them or burnt them up. (You smiled as you read that) I hope to see you soon. Remember, you are a true Slytherin but a Gryffindor at heart. Always remember that. Bright side is most of my hair has grown back from all the explosions. (You smiled and rolled your eyes) Love, Seamus {End} You smiled and set it down on the table not caring that Fred took it.
  12. Last you read one you knew was from Hermione. Dear Amanda, I have most definitely been writing you. I know because I've kept track of how many. I sent about 12 not counting this one. So that makes 13 letters. (You smiled. Sam Singer: I'm trying to make her sound smart through the letter.) I hope to see you ate Hogwarts soon! I miss you and I hope the rest of your summer it fine. Love, Hermione
  13. You smiled and put Draco and Hermione's letters in their envelopes. You stole back Seamus' and put it in it's rightful place. Suddenly you couldn't breath and you fell to the floor. "Amanda!" you heard some of them say. (You'll be asleep for a few minutes) {Dreaming} You were lying down in a field of black and white roses with Draco, but you weren't a little 12 year old. You looked around 13 and your short hair was down to your hips. Your head was resting on Draco's chest with your hand entwined with his. The full moon was shining brightly. Suddenly you and Draco stood up and you turned into a very large White wolf. {End of dream} Your eyes snapped open. Then first thing you saw was Harry. You got up and asked, "What happened?" Fred looked at you and said, "You blacked out for a little from hunger. You okay? How long has it been since you've eaten?" You looked at your feet and said, "Well it's been about um er..." They all looked at you curiously and Percy asked, "How long?" You looked at the roof and mumbled, "Um about 15 weeks or so?" They looked at you in shock. "Well I'm fine now. Can we please get our new school supplies soon?" you said trying to change the subject. "You then noticed them all looking into your eyes. "What?" you asked. "Y-your eyes a-are grey." said a little girl you knew as Ginny. You rolled your eyes and said, "They have been doing that lately. I really don't know why." You blinked your eyes three times, "back to normal?" Ron nodded his head. You smiled and sat down in a chair.
  14. Well that was the end of part 1. I am now going to work on part 2. Wis me luck and I'm going to marry Draco hopefully on September 22 (Tom Felton's, guy who plays Draco, birthday.) XStayLovely

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