Dose your boyfrind really like you? (6th graders only)

If you are in 6th grade and you have a boyfriend you might what to know.. .. dose he like me?, love me?, or have no feelings for me? take this quiz to find out!

Have fun and remember this quiz is not always completly acuret so just try to follow your heart, ok? have fun! have fun1 Have fun! have fun! have fun!

Created by: amazon

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you first see you boyfriend at school what dose he do first? (be honest)
  2. What dose he do at the end of the day when you are just leaving school?
  3. Do you call each other?
  4. has ne said "Ilove you" ? (BE HONEST)
  5. Do you hang out a recess or your free period at school?
  6. Has he ever called you hot?
  7. If a your boyfriend's best friend slapped you what would your boyfriend do? (you need to be very honest on this question)
  8. Do you both walk together to class in school.
  9. dose he have picture of you in his locker, at home, on his phone or anywhere else?
  10. lol?
  11. lalalalalalal
  12. lalalaallallalal

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Quiz topic: Dose my boyfrind really like you? (6th graders only)