Does he like me? 6TH GRADERS ONLY!!!

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Ever wonder if that "certain someone" likes you? If so, this may be the quiz for you! Notice how I didn't say "GIRLS ONLY" or something like that. That's because I'm LGBTQ and I understand there are gay people.

Be aware that the percentage you got isn't always true. He can still like you. After all, not all these quizzes are accurate. And there is always other people too who will love you for who you are!

Created by: Ericat of Does he like me? 6th graders only.
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  1. Does he ever give you gifts?
  2. Have you ever caught each other in the eye?
  3. Have you ever given each other presents?
  4. Do you THINK he likes you and be honest.
  5. Is there any rumors that he likes you? Or that you're dating or somethin' like that?
  6. Does he try to make you laugh?
  7. How does he react if you give him a gift.
  8. Does it seem like he flirts with you?
  9. Does he ever try to help you on anything?
  10. If you were sad, how would he comfort you?

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